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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 24th

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A Katy or a Gaga

My enthusiasm for Glee may have diminished, but next weeks Gaga and Katy Perry themed shirtless extravaganza looks promising...

Actors I Love: Fredric Lehne

A few years ago I wrote about my love of the film Ordinary People. (HERE:) One of the reasons I love the film, in addition to the story and Robert Redford's direction is the incredible cast. Mary Tyler Moore, Donald Sutherland, Timothy Hutton and Judd Hirsh all give amazing performances. The supporting cast, including Dinah Manoff, Elizabeth McGovern and Fredrick Lehne were also top notch.

Actor Lehne played Joe Lazenby, and although only in a few scenes, also stood out as the lone friend of Conrad who saw and sympathized with what he was going through.

Fredric Lehne began acting on television in the late 1970's, and although never a huge star, has managed over the past 35 years to work steadily creating memorable characters in many television shows and movies. I think Lehne was at his hottest in the mid eighties while romancing Lucy Ewing (Charlene Tilton) on DALLAS.

Most recently, many might remember Lehne as Frank the guard on Amercian Horror Story Asylum (below) but he has also had regular roles on Supernatural, LOST, Big Love and Ghost Whisper. Lehne has also guested on shows going back to the 70's like Eight Is Enough and Family, through the present on Cagney and Lacey, China Beach, Wiseguy, The X Files, Castle and Boardwalk Empire to name just a few.

The actors movie roles have been equally impressive including; Con Air, Men In Black, Zero Dark Thirty, The Dark Knight Rises and opposite Michelle Pfeiffer in the 1981 television movie, The Children Nobody Wanted. (below).

Although undoubtedly sexy, Lehne has always avoided the trappings of being a heartthrob with a focus on the work by choosing roles and characters that show off his talent.

Billionaire Boys Club




The Natural State: Joe Reece by Diver Photography

Without question one of my goals with FH is to feature some of the most talented artists, and most incredible men on the planet. One my other goals, although not as overt is to feature is also to feature that planet. That is why you often seen, behind and around the many images of men, locations from all over the globe. I do believe, this is my first trip to the State of Arkansas.

Arkansas seems a blend of both the south and the west, with glorious locations including the incredible Ozark and the Ouachita Mountains and the wide open spaces of the lowland areas. It was in some of these beautiful space, Little Rock photographer Mark from Diver Photography shot model Joe Reece. When deciding on what images of Joe to feature, two particular images sealed the deal. The first, was Joe sitting naked atop the old barn. The second, Joe in the shower with his bright red Ergowear's tossed onto the bathroom counter in the foreground.

19 year old Minneapolis model Joe Reece is looking to expand his capabilities in the modeling world, and has an affinity for outdoor shoots. With his fit athletic physique, Joe looks like he might spend his days working the farm and looks like he is enjoying, and blends naturally, into the surroundings Mark shot him in.

Mark says that working with Joe Reece was an amazing opportunity and that he was open minded and very easy to work with. Mark loved that he was very carefree during the shoot, concerned more with having a great shot then the time and labor they were putting in. The shoot lasted close to 12 hours the one day and although both were tired, they pushed through to get some amazing shots.

Many of the shots taken outside at the farm location required Joe to be semi or totally naked. Mark said he was a great sport about this and very comfortable with his body. Mark was just glad that he was able to find a location in a secluded area where they would not be disturbed.

'The shoot was a lot of fun and Joe is a natural in front of the camera. He also had some great ideas for some shots as well! Joe is a great guy to work with, and a lot of fun! Other photographers out there will not regret shooting with him and helping him expand his port!'

'Sometimes we don't allow ourselves to just get dirty. Joe applied the red paint out by the barn and lake and I applied the multi-colored paint inside. We had a great time getting a little messy. Maybe next time Joe and I shoot, and there will be a next time, we will do some full body paint.'

As the shoot outside was nearing it's end, it was time to bring in a little color. Mark had been looking for some new, asbstract ideas for his shoot with Joe and with some research found some idea's he loved from other photographers with the use of paint. Although by no means a painter, Mark says they had fun experimenting with the red paint and the multi-colored paints and the looks they could create. After the shoot it was time for the red, both paint and underwear, to come off so Joe headed in to clean up!


A Harder Stroke!

They're Back.....

Warwick Rowers 2014 Calendar: Get a sneak peek at your year ahead with us! from Progressive Media on Vimeo.

As you can see from the preview video and shots, Angus Malcolm and THE WARWICK ROWERS have outdone themselves!
I Can't Wait!