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Favorite Pic of the Day for December 10th


Happy Birthday today December 10th

Happy 39th to actor Xavier Samuel!

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Xavier in A Few Best Men (2011)

The Bottom Line:

RMark Photography: Boules Rouges


Hang your balls on the Christmas tree 
Make it look so bright 
Hang your balls on the Christmas tree 
Happy Christmas night

One of the decisions I struggle with each holiday season is what color to focus on.  Some years, everything from lights to decorations are white.  Other years, I go for the traditional multi-colored look.  I've had red and green themed years, and one year when everything was blue and white.


Usually, when from RMark Photography puts together his Christmas ball themed images, he goes for a variety of bright and festive colors.  This year, Roger decided to revel in the red.  In addition to being a traditional Christmas color, red blends so beautifully with the color of skin.  I think this is my favorite set of Roger's ornament series due to the incredible array of models he captured this year. 



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Stephen Huszar: Actors & SKIN

After being introduced to actor Stephen Huszar in the The 12 Men of Christmas, I followed his career by checking him out in many of his film and television appearances.  A regular on Canadian based productions, Huszar has appeared as a guest stars on shows including: Smallville, The Flash, Fringe, Corner Gas and Letterkenny

Paradise Falls (2006)

I think Huszar's first on-screen skin scene was in 2006, during his time appearing in season 3 of the Canadian based soap Paradise Falls.  The show featured it's fare share of male skin and gave us our first glimpse of the Huszar heinie.  Thanks to xyzpdq who had a video from the shows original airing. The show went on to air on the Showcase network, so I'd be curios to know if anyone has a high quality copy.  I found some episodes on Youtube, but there are not many from the shows third and final season. 

Letterkenny (2016-2019)

Another Canadian show that often gets the pants, or in the case the cup and hockey gear, off their male cast member is Letterkenny. Huszar played Yorkie, one of the hockey players on the Letterkenny Irish senior team. The humor can be a little juvenile, but so are the characters, and it's good for a laugh, and a flash of skin. 

Entropic (2019)

Entropic tells the story of the most beautiful man in the world, who, sick of being objectified, devises a plan to free himself of other's attention.

I haven't yet seen Entropic, I couldn't find anywhere to stream, but I am still looking.  I do know the caps are interesting, and they had me wanting to find out more.  Huszar plays M in the film, and in this sequence, he asks his friend Aaron to watch over an experiment in which M allows people to spend 40 uninterrupted minutes alone with his naked body.

They are allowed to get their anger out, their feelings shared or their rocks off. Aaron is there to ensure things do not go sideways as M is unconscious through it all. The few boundaries include an explicit “don’t hurt his body” protocol as well as the signing of an NDA.