Monday, January 18, 2010

Favorite Pic (s) of the Day for January 18th

Timmy Thok by the wonderful Michael Rowe. Check out more of Michael's work below or at his website HERE:

Just Because:

Glee's Pianist: Brad Ellis

GLEE certainly knows they have a money maker. Barely a month after the first half of season 1 aired on FOX, the DVD is out. Of course I had to run out and buy it. I love watching some of the musical numbers over and over. Certain ones, like the mash up of 'Walking On Sunshine' and 'Halo' I previously skipped past are now my favorites.

Someone making an impact on me during my second viewing is Brad Ellis. I barely noticed Brad the first time round, but now his facial expressions are a highlight of each episode. Brad has had more screen time than some of the main cast members, yet has not to my knowledge actually been given a line. Entertainment Weekly even picked up on Brad's facial expressions and did a short article about him.

Ellis has composed or played piano for many TV shows and films, including Gilmore Girls, Close to Home, Delovely and the DVD special features for Beauty and the Beast. He also has had a long association with the continuously evolving Off-Broadway satirical revue Forbidden Broadway. Brad has worked with everyone from Jason Alexander, Victor Garber and Billy Joel to name a few. Lovin some Brad!

Kudo's to Conan O'Brien

With everything happening in the world it is a bit hard to give a shit about two millionaires. That being said, for the record I am on team Conan. I have always disliked Jay Leno. There is something about him that always rubbed me the wrong way. (Seems many of his fellow comedians feel the same way). I also never found him funny. Conan on the other hand has always cracked me up. Although Conan is likely leaving NBC I am sure he will be just fine. Leno on the other hand will be right back where he started, at 11:30 and boring.

Pic Series Of The Day: Santiago Peralta by Michael Rowe

If your a regular reader of FH you know I love model Santiago Peralta. I love the risks Santiago takes with his work and his relaxed approach to his work has created some wonderful collaborations with the photographers he has worked with.

One of those collaborations recently was with photographer Michael Rowe. I have enjoyed Rowe's work for awhile now but Rowe has not always gotten the attention he so richly deserves. Although Santiago certainly is often photographed in little or no clothes, Rowe has Peralta looking classy and amazingly hot, fully dressed for most of the shoot. I love Rowe's use of lighting for the loft shots, and his use of color with Peralta's wardrobe contrast beautifully with the background. Thank you Michael for sharing your work with FH's! Be sure to check out Michael's site HERE: or join his Facebook Fan page HERE: