Monday, December 13, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 13th

Above: Love this new shot by Xavier_Paris. One of my favorite posts I did last year was profiling Xavier_Paris and his work with Antoine (see that post Here:)

No birthday posts today!


Model Search 2011

If you have not voted in the first cycle of voting for Model Search 2011 you only have until Wednesday! After that we begin the second cycle where everyone can vote all over again!

Zalig Kerstfeest From Gert Kist

I love sand and beaches as much as the next person but...
When it comes to Christmas I like to be where there is snow. I have never understood those in North America who travel to Florida, A Cruise, Mexico or some other hot destination to celebrate the holidays. I am sure many of you (a couple in particular, you know who you are) who would like nothing better than to be in the hot sun on Christmas morning, but I will take my Christmas with skiing, snow boarding and sledding. I shall sweat the old fashion way!

If I were to travel over Christmas, Europe is where I would head to. A Charles Dickens London trip, maybe Germany, France or Switzerland. But...if I had my choice my number one Christmas destination might just be The Netherlands. Seems to me when I was a kid there were so many Christmas specials with Dutch toys and St. Nicolas and of course Sinterklaas. Sinterklaas is actually the origin of the mythical holiday figure of Santa Claus in the United States and the rest of the world. Sinterklaas is a traditional Winter holiday figure in the Netherlands and other countries that was actually celebrated last week with Saint Nicholas' eve on the 5th of December. The celebration includes a feast honoring Saint Nicholas, patron saint of children, sailors, and the city of Amsterdam.

It is through this lens photographer Gert Kist photographs his holiday themed shots. Gert, who is based in Amsterdam specializes in glamour and nude photography which he displays on his site I first saw Gert's holiday themed shots last Christmas and wanted to share more on FH. Of course if you check out you will see more than just holiday shots, Gert has an extensive Glamour, art and erotic series as well.

Thanks Gert for sharing your shots with FH!

Favorite Reason To Visit The North Pole: Ivan Sergei

I don't think I have ever seen the 2006 tv movie Santa Baby in it's entirety. But...Every time the Jenny McCarthy flick appears on television I do have to stop to enjoy the beauty that is actor Ivan Sergei.

Ivan go his big break in John Woo's 1996 film Once A Thief. Ivan, along with most of the cast returned to join the 1997 tv show based on the film. That show only lasted one season but Ivan was not out of work for long. Ivan has been seen on television in stints on Jack & Jill, Charmed, Gravity, and Crossing Jordan. On the big screen he has had roles in The Break-Up, The Opposite Of Sex and Scorched. The next time Santa Baby airs, I really must sit down and watch the whole thing...

Below: Ivan in Gravity.