Thursday, May 24, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 25th

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Happy Birthday today May 25th

Happy 79th to actor Ian McKellen!

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McKellen in rehearsal (above) and on stage (below) in Coriolanus (1984)

Saving Grace...

This seasons Survivor was a bit of a yawn fest, especially with players seemingly content to let two leaders skate to the end. The saving grace however, at least in the eye candy department was Michael Yerger, the 18 year old model/real estate agent, who bulged nicely in his striped briefs (HERE:) until he was voted out.

I love Survivor but stopped watching for a while. I know I'm in the minority, but I was a bit tired of Jeff Probst, especially his bellowing commentary during all of the challenges. I have found it easier to watch by muting Probst during the challenges, not a difficult task when the visual is contestants like Michael and Wendell competing in their boxer briefs.

Rick Nelson: Teenage Idol

Some people call me a teenage idol
Some people say they envy me
I guess they got no way of knowing
How lonesome I can be

Teenage Idol, 1962

I knew of actor and singer Rick Nelson, but to be honest, mostly as Tracy's father. Nelson's teen idol fame was at it's peak in the 50's, 60's and early 70's and neither his music, or his acting career familiar to me. Earlier this year however, while putting together a piece titled, Men In Tights I came across an image of Rick (Ricky) and his brother David wearing circus tights.

The image, a promotional shot for Circus, a 1960 episode of Nelson's sit-com, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, had me fascinated to learn more about Rick. It was clear from the shot why Rick became so popular as a teen idol, and a heart throb. In addition to how hot his body looked in his tights, Nelson has one of those faces, absolutely adorable, but with an edge.

The cute boy next door with a hint of mischief in his eyes is a great combo and Nelson's blue eyes. In addition to his good looks, Nelson has an impressive Discography, and was talented singer/song writer and not just a really, really pretty face. I was surprised how many songs I knew and loved were written and performed by Nelson.

Whenever I feature a hunk from the past, I always think of the young male teens who swooned just as strongly, but in secret, for their blue eyed crush. I remember buying Tiger Beats and teen magazines for those hot pictures of Aylissa Milano, when it was really Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Jonathan Taylor-Thomas and Christopher Daniel Barnes I was looking for. It was bad enough being a in the closet teen in the 80's and 90's, it must have been even more difficult in the 50's.

Let It Rain by Fotorebelxt Photography

'To me photography is a process. It is about self-discovery and how you relate to the world. It is about boundaries and how you continue to explore within the confines and beyond them.'

Exploring within, and going beyond the confines and boundaries is at the core of Fotorebelxt Photography's work. I often shoot Alwin the names of models or images within portfolio that I'd love to feature. Alwin never volley's back with what I expect, instead he responds with a spike, something beyond what I what I was expecting. Given photography is a hobby and passion for Alwin, when spending what free time he has on a concept, he wants to ensure it's something special.

Whether it be shooting Patrick with a wooden latter (Snakes & Ladders) or John wearing masks and body paint, (Life By Design) Alvin clearly strives to shoot something not only creatively unique, but artistically memorable. Finding new and unique concepts can be challenging enough, but with so many artists and images on-line, and our ever dwindling attention spans, memorable is almost impossible.

Some of my favorite images from Alwin include shoots with two or more models, and with this latest shoot, boundaries were not only pushed, but washed away. I was struck by the different themes visually competing and woven into the same shoot. In some shots, there's a light and fun, almost 'Singin' in the Rain' vibe. In other shots, especially Alwin's images of two models in physical combat, there is darker, more consequential life and death feel, like a Gladiator dual, with only one winner...

'I do my best not to complain
My face is dirty from the strain
I only hope one day I'll come clean'

The last image I posted was my favorite and reminded me of the cleansing power, both physical and emotional, of water and rain. I was reminded of Let It Rain, one of my favorite songs from Amanda Marshall. (HERE:) Achieving that cleansing rain, wasn't an easy task. The shots were taken in studio by drilling holes into pvc pipes and then connecting them to a warm water hose. The addition of the water, especially the drops, frozen in mid air, add a layer of drama and erotic urgency to Alwin's images. This, combined with three strong models who high emotion through their great lines, poses and interactions with one another.