Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 26th

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The Time Is Ripe

Check our more of Hansel, in the barn after the harvest, 

Small Gatherings of Gratitude

American Thanksgiving is going to be a bit different this year.  Well, at least for some...  Despite a worldwide pandemic, some seem to still  struggle with what being thankful really means.  Thankfulness isn't a physical thing that can be lost or taken way. Thankfulness is an emotion and one that doesn't actually require huge gatherings to understand or feel. 

The narcissism of a few is certainly heightened by the holiday, especially one which is rooted in being grateful for what we have. Having recently lost a parent, I'd give anything to be able to stuff down my turkey and stuffing over zoom and just knowing they to were stuffing down turkey and stuffing somewhere safe and warm.  

Ironically, the loudest complainers are often the least caring and appreciative.  Working in social services, I know so many people, elderly, disabled, immune compromised, who depend on others to do to the right thing to keep them safe.  If ever there was a time to be thankful, and to put others above ourselves, it is now.  Blessed are those that give without remembering, and receive without forgetting.  Happy Thanksgiving to all reading this, especially those eating their drumsticks alone or in small gatherings of gratitude. 

Gobbler's Retribution

'You only like me for my breasts....'
The Thanksgiving Turkey

Turkey's get a bad wrap, despite their reputation, they can actually be quite social and friendly if in a trusting relationship with a human.  Turkey's certainly get the rotten end of the stick at Thanksgiving.  I always found it rather morbid how many Thanksgiving images and decorations include turkey's, given their sacrificial role in the festivities.  

Art from Garik Aliev

A few years ago, I began posting artwork with the theme of 'turkey's revenge'.  It began with the image just below, and since then, I have tried to add new art pieces each year when I could find them.  Given how many turkey's are being fried, stuffed and roasted today, I liked the thought of celebrating the bird featuring images with them fighting back and getting a little retribution on those trying to capture, kill, pluck and stuff them.

Art from Lord Iron

This year, I'm thrilled to include an new and original art piece from Roy from badsign769.  I first discovered Roy's work close to two years ago and have been enjoying following his work and featuring it when I can, especially on the holidays.  As you can see from Roy's image below, the turkey's have teamed up and it looks like our hot pilgrim is about to get  his giblets cut, carved and castrated...  
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A Simple Thanksgiving: Lucas by Studio1x

No ghosts or goblins and trick-or-treats,
No candy or flowers for your sweets. 
No gifts to buy or presents to give,
Just be THANKFUL for the life that you live. 

It's understandable why many are struggling with having a simple Thanksgiving this year.  Most of the other major holidays have noisy and colorful distractions.  Halloween has candy and costumes; Christmas has Santa and presents and Easter has bunnies, of both the furry and chocolate variety.  Thanksgiving at it's core, is really about food, and sharing that food with those you love.

Although I get the disappointment, I don't really get the anger.  It's not like people really want the holiday cancelled, they just want the big gatherings postponed, and ensure this Thursday's celebration is done safely,  and on a smaller scale.  I understand the struggle, but it's not an especially arduous one for me. 

Over the last several years, I've alternated spending Thanksgiving with family one year, and friends the other.  Although my extended family have a huge dinner at my aunts, my parents used to only go every second year.  This meant one year, we had a quiet dinner with out immediat family, and the year they went to the big event, I spent the day with my friends.  That to, was usually a small gathering, just my best friend and his wife, their daughter, and sometimes one or two of their neighbours. 

This year, it was to be the family gathering, but given it's going to be the first Thanksgiving without one of my parents alive, it's just going to be me and my brothers family.  I'm looking forward to a small, quiet afternoon with my family.  I like a big celebration, but in our family, that was always at Christmas.  Over the years that has also scaled down as people have gotten older, and kids have moved away, but if there's a day I'll miss a big gathering, it will be a month from now.

Given the pandemic, and a need for a simpler holiday this year, Jim from Studio1x decided this year's Thanksgiving shoot needed a clean focus.  One model, and some traditional Thanksgiving decorations.  If you remember, Jim went all out at Halloween with his American Psycho shoot, smoke,  a chainsaw, and buckets and buckets of blood.  

As you can see from Jim's beautiful shots of Lucas, simple can be incredibly alluring. Despite having a less complicated theme to light and shoot, Jim says he and Lucas still had a lot of fun.  Both were laughing when Lucas almost fell on his face while undressing for a shot.   I mean, really, what more would need for a pleasant holiday than a few decorations, the gorgeous Lucas, and maybe some turkey and stuffing.  Speaking of turkey's.... check more of Lucas on THE NEXT PAGE.  The plaid is peeled off, and that turkey, it requires a baste...