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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 18th

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On the Level

Down the Rabbit Hole:

Often when I'm doing research for the site, I end up going down an Internet rabbit hole.  That's exactly what happened when I was choosing a film and actor to spotlight in my Snow Day themed posts.  I ended up choosing actor Josh Peck from the generic comedy Snow Day.  I ended up choosing that film for both the title, and because it was fairly easy to put together. 

It was easy, as there were plenty of hot shots of Josh on the net, and I had no problem finding a copy of Snow Day to watch on-line.  Originally however, I was going to feature another winter film, one featuring the late great Max von Sydow. Although the Swedish born actor is not exactly known as a sex symbol, his talent and his impact on film is considerable. 

The Exorcist (1973)

Flash Gordon (1980)

I haven't really seen a lot of Max's films.  I do  remember watching The Exorcist and Flash Gordon on television when I was a kid, but the actor's film resume goes far beyond his box office hits.  A couple of years ago I saw one of Max's films on TCM.  I found some time on Sunday night to watch it again, and research a bit more about Max and the film. There is no nudity in the film, but I did track down two butt scenes from Max's film resume.  Check out more on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Jesse Burgess in Dirty Sexy Things

'He has a really hairy ass...'

Not sure how I missed this the first time around...  FH readers know I love featuring art models, especially models who pose for classes and large groups.  There are so many dynamics at play with modeling for a group of strangers I find fascinating to explore.

Jesse in green

Recently I saw a cap of a blonde model posing for an art class and had to do a Google image search.  The model turned out to be Jesse Burgess and the cap was from the 2011 British documentary series Dirty Sexy Things.  The show aired on E4 and featured eight models preparing for eight shoots which were culminated in an exhibition for fashion photographer Perou.  I managed to track down a video clip.  The art class is featured in the short clip below,. You can see more of Jesse from the series in a longer video on SendSpace HERE:

Nude to the World: Matt by Chris Free

It didn't take long to figure out that Matt loved to be nude and loved to be "nude to the world."

Last Autumn, I saw a series of images on Instagram that instantly drew my attention.  The images were of a model credited as ArtModelMatt and I quickly clicked to follow.  The Art in Matt's credit proved especially fitting given that his portfolio was filled with hundreds of artistically inspired images, drawings and paintings. Colorful and vibrant imagery, holiday shots and erotically charged visuals of Matt's work posing in front of both photographers and artists. 

I noticed that one of the artists that Matt had worked with was Chicago based photographers Chris Free.  Chris has long been a favorite of mine since first discovering and featuring his work almost a decade ago.  You can check out all of my stories featuring Chris' work on the new Quaternate post on the next page HERE:  I quickly got in touch with Chris, who was enthusiastic about featuring his work with Matt. 

'Our first time meeting and doing a shoot was in a high rise apartment Airbnb, in midtown Atlanta. These photos were taken in that apartment. The apartment offered both an expansive window overlooking the city and a kitchen area with three large--huge, actually--mirrors. Matt played to them beautifully, and erotically. '

It didn't take long to figure out that Matt loved to be nude and loved to be "nude to the world." He couldn't have been happier posing in front of the mirror, though it seemed that just being in front of me and my camera was a very satisfying experience to him as well.' 

Since their first shoot together, Chris and Matt have met up to collaborate several more times, including shooting in some undisclosed locations.... Undisclosed as they were public spaces, both indoor and outdoor where photographing the nude male form wouldn't necessary be welcomed.  Chris describes Matt as the ultimate gentleman, and a model who's laser focused on employing his wonderfully proportioned and sculpted body to create erotic, nude ART.   

The ultimate gentlemen was also incredibly generous to me when I got in touch about featuring his work on FH.  The Atlanta based model welcomed me to use my favorite shots, and took the time to answer some of my burning questions about his work with Chris, and his experience modeling nude to the world. 

Who or what got you started with modeling?
I got started modeling in my third year of college through a friend who was a photographer. Surprise surprise it was a nude shoot.

What has been your favorite experience modeling thus far?
As far as favorite experience modeling I've too many to mention! But lately I've been loving the outdoor nude sessions that I've done for Halloween.

Any odd or strange stories from any shoots?
I've no strange moments regarding shoots but there was a moment where a photographer and myself were sitting near a public park at nighttime and got seen by a few passerbys. Thankfully, they were pretty cool, laughed, and kept walking.

You bring a lot of energy and character to your work,  Do you have an acting background?
Yeah, I definitely try to bring an edge to my sessions and have fun. I've some acting experience but mainly as a background character or extra. Although, I have entertained the thought of taking part in a full-on production as a leading man.

What factors did you weigh before deciding to take it all off?
I didn't really weigh any factors regarding getting nude. I've always been comfortable with my body since I was a child.

Did the response from friends/family enter into your decision? 
My family and friends response to my profession has never been a factor really. My family are cool with it so long as I'm safe and happy, my friends feel the same.  My modeling has never really affected my relationship with my wife. When it comes to the more risqué stuff I tend to keep that a bit more private.

Your Instagram credit is ArtModelMatt, Have you posed for many artists, or art classes?
I've posed for numerous clients and locations since I've started back in 2014 including Atlanta Artist Center, Chastain, Little Five Points, plus many more.

Did you do any on-line modeling during the pandemic? Can you see the artist, or is it a mystery?
I did some online modeling but I was being broadcast by an instructor within the their studio. Never out of my own home, though. There was no real mystery regarding the artist as I was able to both see and speak with them between poses.

Is there a photographer you would really love to be shot by?
I've no specific photographer I'd like to work with as I'm pretty content with my current photographers. I feel that they are attuned to my particular vision.

What part of your body are you most happy with or gets the most attention from others?
My favorite body part has to be my entire back and it seems to garner the most attention. 

Why do you think you like modeling? 
I love modeling because I love to create and honestly, I love the attention.

What would your dream scenario be for a shoot?
My ideas scenario for a shoot would be anything derelict, urban. I've always wanted to a nude shoot in something like an abandoned factory or warehouse.

How did you connect with Chris?
I got in contact with Chris via Instagram. I can't remember if there was any real discussion about the shoot, we just met up and started working. The rest is history.

Were erection shots discussed and planned, or did they just occur in the moment?
I think that was expected as I tend to get excited once I strip down.

What was the experience like?
It was an exciting experience of course given I was working with a new photographer in a new location.

What was the best part of working with Chris?
The best part of working with Chris is that he has as much fun as I do working. We really play off of each other as far as vision goes.