Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 16th

What a beautiful chest!

Also Celebrating today September 16th

Also celebrating today September 16th.

Nick Jonas turns 16 today.

Actor Max Minghella turns 23 today.

I still miss those Gilmore Girls! Alexis Bledel turns 26 today.

Too bad Neil Garcia was not able to stick with Big Brother this past winter, I might have watched. Neil turns 30 today.

Spanish hottie Antonio Hortelano turns 33 today.

Adorable and talented actor Matt Carmody turns 40 today. Check out Matt's site HERE:

Marc Anthony turns 40 today.

Mexican actor Raúl Magaña turns 42 today.

Loved Molly Shannon on SNL. Molly turns 44 today.

Richard Marx turns 45 today.

Actor Mickey Rourke turns 52 today.

Actor Ed Begley Jr. turns 59 today.

R.I.P Columbo

Request: Who are Marcio & Marcos Gomes?

1 post on 1 forum is all I saw on beautiful brothers Marcio & Marcos Gomes. Male models for sure, looks like some fashion shots. But then I searched and searched all my usual places and I found absolutley nothing. Maybe I am spelling a name wrong, or maybe there is nothing there. Anyone heard or know anything about these beautiful brothers?



Favorite Classic Playgirl Guy for September 16th Eric Howard

What a beautiful man! Eric Howard, Playgirl, July 1988