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Favorite Pic of the Day for February 23rd

Matt by Steve Jerome
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Runneth Over

FH readers are aware I use a series of categories that I rotate on the site.  Some of those categories I keep in folders that are beginning to runneth over.  One of those is my folder of succulent selfies.  I decided it was time to clean out some of the images, but not before posting some of my favorites.  Check out more on Page 2 HERE:

ACTORS & SKIN: James McAvoy

We almost got you, bro!
Kevin Wendell Crumb, Glass

I first took notice of Scottish actor James McAvoy after seeing clips of his appearances in season 2 of the UK based version of Shameless.  James was incredibly sexy with his accent combined with his great body and those beautiful blue eyes.

Last month, James was again in the spotlight, for me, starting with those great promos for M. Night Shyamalan's new film Glass.  I first saw the film's promo during The Golden Globes, and although just a highly edited trailer, James grabbed your attention in just a few seconds teasing the 20 or so characters he plays in the film.

I had already noticed a bulked up McVoy in on-the set images from Glass released last year.  My crush was back full throttle and thought it was time to feature McVoy in FH's Actors & Skin series.  Take a look back at McVoy's scenes of skin on Page 2 HERE:

Laundry Day by Frisky Frolic

The best photographers aren't necessarily the one's who capture those heightened moments of passion.  You know the moments I mean, naked bodies crashing in the waves on an Island beach, passionate moments on white horses, in limousines or in an elegant country castle.  Those scenarios are great, but we all know, that most of us experience our hottest erotic moments during everyday life, at unexpected times and while doing mundane tasks.  Doing the laundry for example...  For me, this series from Frisky Frolic is a sexy example of how the right artist, can stimulate the imagination into an a sensuous state of mind.

For me, this series had me imagining that Zach, in his first year away at school, visiting a friends house for the weekend.  Except for he and his friend, the house is supposed to be empty.  His friends parents, younger brother and sister, left town for the weekend.  It was because the house was supposed to be empty, that they chose to head there for the weekend.  With Zach's friend upstairs in the shower,  Zach decides it's time to wash the pile of dirty clothes he brought along with him.

Zach fills the washer with a month's worth of socks, t-shirt and underwear. Zach stands completely naked, just having put his last stitch of clothing into the washer. Although there is nothing to cover himself with, Zach doesn't care, he has a towel upstairs and except for his friend, he's alone in the house.  That is until... he hears keys turning and opening in the front door.  Is it his friends parents returning early or maybe a neighbour checking on the house?  Whoever's coming in, they're about to be introduced to Zach...

Age of Opportunity: Matt by Steve Jerome

'Matt was fond of nudity and loved being in front of the camera.'

So many of life's milestones are marked by age.  At 16, most of us headed directly to the DMV.  At 18, some, but far too few of us, voted for the first time.  At 21, (19 in Canada) most of us took our first (legal) drink of alcohol.

Traditionally these age related events have marked important points in growing up.  As time goes on however, and with technology becoming a more invasive part of our lives, these milestone dates have become blurred.  Not everyone waits until they're of legal age to try certain things.  Most of us tried alcohol and weed years before our 21st birthday.

In most places, you must be 18 to pose without clothing,.  With everyone though having cell phones, and the ability to take selfies, the issue has become muddied. Although mental maturity isn't necessarily connected to age, given the ramifications, and potential risks to future careers goals, having a minimum age of 18 has been a useful way to ensure fewer models get in over their heads before they're ready.

There are many models who are eager, and anticipate their 18th birthday in order to step in front of the lens, step in front of an artist or art class, and begin making money from their love of being naked.  Although posing in front of others might be a terrifying experience for some, for others, it's an exciting and stimulating part of who they are and how they express themselves.  Matt was one of those models.

'Matt came to me on his 18th birthday and said he was interested in doing nude photos. As I do with everyone, I asked a slew of questions to make sure he was not doing it for the wrong reasons.'

Not all photographers are as respectful as Steve Jerome, but Steve is always careful when shooting a model nude, especially a new model, shooting nude for the first time.  Steve takes the time to go over the process, how the images will be used, and the possible ramifications.  With Matt, there wasn't a hint of hesitation.   Even so, given it was his first time shooting nude, after the shoot, Steve said he'd process the shots, show them to Matt but not post anything in case he had a change of heart.  As you can see, he didn't, in fact Matt called Steve a few days after that first shoot, wanting to do another.

'Matt was a high school football quarterback who was living in a military town at the time, Matt knew what he wanted and was confident in himself. We forged a friendship that lasted for several years. He eventually became a father, worked a construction job, and we eventually lost touch.  Hopefully someday we'll reconnect and he'll return for another shoot!'

Favorite Pic of the Day (2) for February 23rd

Matt by Steve Jerome
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Happy Birthday today February 23rd

Happy 36th to rugby's Mirco Bergamasco!

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Penetrating Photos

A risky, but visually creative and stunning shot.

Succulent Selfies

A surplus of Succulent Selfies

Actors & SKIN: James McAvoy

Like 'the Lazy Hermiones' in the Saturday Night Live sketch, I too had a wee crush on the wee Faun Mr. Tumnus, especially when the top half is in the form of actor James McAvoy.  Mr. Tumnus was just one of the many roles that required McAvoy to show a little skin on the big, and the little screen.

The Near Room (1995)

James made his big screen debut in the 1995 dark drama, The Near Room

Shameless (2005)

Becoming Jane (2007)

Filth (2013)

Trance (2013)

Submergence (2017)

Although McAvoy had a 'distant' frontal in 2017's Submergence (above), a better slightly better view was 2007's, The Last King of Scotland. (below)

The Last King of Scotland (2007)