Saturday, May 28, 2011

Blast From The Past: Kurt Russell in Silkwood

Last week when I asked readers who they would like to see featured in my 'Blast From The Past' section, two people emailed suggesting Kurt Russell. I have seen many of Kurt's movies over the years and always found him a good actor but for some reason he never hit my 'attraction' meter. Yes, I had seen screen caps of his glorious backside (Below in Tango & Cash), walking side by side with Stallone, but I guess I sort of put him in the 'good looking father' category of men.

Last weekend I picked up a copy of Silkwood in a 2 for $9.99 bin. I had seen Silkwood as a kid but really only remember Meryl Streep and Cher who was playing a lesbian. I was blown away by the movie. Watching it as an adult, my appreciation of Streep (who really had her best roles in the 80's) as an actress was once again cemented. Cher also put in a great performance as Dolly and the movie, directed by Mike Nicols is a masterpiece and Nicols sets a mood, and a scene as only a brilliant theatre director can do. The character of Thelma was especially heartbreaking and I remembered the power of her scenes from the first viewing.

Silkwood: 1983

What I did not remember from the first viewing was how incredibly hot Kurt Russell was. Maybe it was because I was a kid when I first saw the movie. Viewing it now in my 30's I was able to watch Kurt as an incredibly hot man, not just the older man. In Silkwood Russell's Drew is 'such a man', a working man, sexy, insightful, not to mention sweaty. Drew also had a dash of caring and compassion to complete the package. It struck me that as perfect as Russell's body was in Silkwood, sadly today some would label him as bulky or overweight. If you have not seen Silkwood, find it to watch as soon as you can, if you have not seen it in years, watch it again!

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