Sunday, October 18, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 19th

Matt by Unlimited Male 
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Beware: Danger Ahead....

Kio Cyr

They look cute now, but you know the changes that can occur when the clock strikes midnight on All Hallow's Eve....  It's that time of year again....  Some FH viewers love it, others loath it.  It's Halloween!  

Beginning this week, our favorite hunks take a turn to the dark side.  Check out my celebration of  the sinister, and all things that go bump in the night.  You've been warned, it all appears innocent now, but it's going to get violent, and more than a little bloody!

The Art of the Porn Parody

'What do you want?'

'To see what your insides look like.'

I am not a big fan of porn, but I do love erotic visuals and porn stars often make the best models.  Given their profession, their creative boundaries tend to be limitless and most know instinctively how best to pose and use their bodies for striking imagery. 

I remember when I was a teenager that I didn't need to watch an adult film to feel it's impact.  Often, it a visit to the video store, and a glance at the DVD covers, could hold me over for a weekend.  Most films are no longer bought or rented, and there isn't as much need to get artistic with promotional images and cover art.  One of the exceptions however, is Halloween and the studios annual horror movie parody. 

Almost every horror movie has been parodied in porn, in both straight and gay genres.  When I was compiling a list of 'horror hunks' to spotlight this October, the image above a flashing Ghostface turned up in my search.  (I think I was searching for naked Ghosts, as one does....)  Scream has been parodied several times with film titles from Creamed and of course Moaned. 

Now I have to admit, I have not seen either Creamed or Moaned, but I did check out their cover art.  That had me looking for other Halloween themed porn parodies, and the cover art and poster for the films.  Check out some of my favorites on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Some of the films I actually want to watch, and some, by the covers anyway, look even scary!  Porn parodies tend to put a bit more money into production, at least for the films first few minutes, before the clothes come off and the sex begins.   For a minute or two, you feel like you're watching an actual film, but just.... for that minute or two...

The Green Shirt: Matt by Unlimited Male

'Clothes make the man.  Naked people have little or no influence on society.'
Mark Twain

Given FH's focus is the nude male form, I could mount a counter argument to Twain's theory.  I think we do agree however, that the right piece of clothing certainly can help make the man.  Not only can the right clothes accentuate a great physique, they can also impact emotion, and strengthen the connection between mind and body.

We all have our favorite pieces of clothing, our favorite pair of pants, our favorite shirt, even our favorite underwear or socks.  Sometimes it's the color, sometimes it's the fit, often it's because of compliments we've gotten when we've previously worn it.  Regardless of the reason, it usually comes down to self esteem, and the level of both comfort and confidence we feel when slipping the garment on. 

I have some pants that fit better than others. I also have certain colors of underwear I prefer to wear.  There's really no reason, they all basically fit the same, but the reds and blues are my favorites.  Although I like the look of black and white's, they're not really my number one choice to wear.  These pieces of clothing however, aren't really tied to my emotions, for that, I rely on my shirts. 

On especially stressful days, whether it be a presentation at work, or a tense family situation, I always wear the same long sleeve dress shirt.  It's navy blue, with a tiny checked pattern, so small, it's not really can't be seen unless you're up close.  The dark blue goes with almost everything else I wear.  It's looks good with black pants, with jeans, with a suit, or a plain white t-shirt.

I have come to depend on this shirt as an emotional ally.  I ensure it's clean before any upcoming date or event, and have been known to wash well into the wee hours of the morning to wear the next day.  The shirts perfectly.  The collar is perfect, the sleeves the right length, and it's long, but not too long and looks good tucked our untucked.  It's also starting to get very thin and I know that's days are numbered.

As you're reading my rambling about clothes, I'm sure you've also taken notice of Matt, in and out of his dark green dress shirt.  Many FH readers undoubtedly remember Matt from his previous appearance on the site earlier this year. (The Unknown)  My introduction to the adorable Matt came via Jay from Unlimited Male.  I'm always impressed with Jay's images and work, and always enjoy the diversity and choices in models to chooses to collaborate with.

Matt's shoot with Jay was was both his first nude shoot, and his professional photo shoot ever.  Matt wasn't wearing much for most of the shoot,  a pair of jeans to start, then just a pair of socks and a tie. Whenever I'm featuring 'first' shoots, especially nude shoots, I'm always looking for signs of nerves and a models confidence level.  Matt looked comfortable, but maybe not as at ease, or not as at home as he does here in his green shirt.

Matt is definitely one of my favorite models from Jay's portfolio.  While preparing for a future piece, Jay and I were going back and for about which shoot or model to spotlight next.  When I dove back into Jay's port, I noticed more of his work with Matt, including a shot of Matt the green dress shoot.  Although there were new shoots I still hope to feature, it was Jay's work with Matt that I was again drawn towards.

'Matt said that was his "sexy shirt" and that he always wore that shirt when he wanted to look good. Of course, I think he looks good anyway, and even better with no clothes at all! '                                            
Jay, Unlimited Male

Jay didn't have just one or two shots of Matt in his green shoot, but enough to create an entire theme.  I can certainly see why Matt considers this his 'sexy' shoot, and in addition to looking fantastic, brings out both his sexy and fun side.  There was a sense of play in some of the shots Jay sent in, some behind the scenes moments of Matt making funny faces and goofing around.  As hot as Matt looks in his green shirt... it did of course, have to eventually come off.