Monday, August 23, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 23rd

Love this Shot of Samuel Boux by Chris Teel. Chris introduces us to another new model below!

Happy Birthday this week to:

I am heading away again for a bit but want to make sure this weeks birthday boys get a shout out!

Happy Birthday:
August 23rd to, Scott Cann, Chris Potter, Ozzy Lusth, Jay Mohr, Aaron Douglas, Rick Springfield and model Tyler Phelan.

August 24th: Carmine Giovinazzo, Rupert Grint, Kyle Schmid, Chad Michael Murray, Pierfrancesco Favino & Steve Guttenberg.

August 25th: Jonathan Togo, Cameron Mathison, Robert Maschio, Blair Underwood, Christian LeBlanc, Tom Skerritt and Sean Connery.

August 26th: Chris Pine (below), Macaulay Culkin, Jorge Sanz, Adrian Young, Jon Hensley and Brett Cullen.

August 27th: Rowan Pierce (above), Michael Stahl-David, Kyle Lowder, Aaron Paul, Tom Ford, and Paul Reubens.

Jason by Chris Teel

Photographer Chris Teel has not had much down time this summer. He has been shooting pretty much non stop taking advantage of the Toronto heat with some amazing exterior location shoots. I feel fortunate Chris has so graciously shared some of his work over the past several months with FH.

One of Teel's latest shoots was not outside, but it could not get much hotter. Vancouver-based Jason was recently in Toronto on business. Chris shot these images at Jason's hotel.

'We did a number of fashion and underwear shots and then, when the sunlight hit the curtains the way they did we saw the opportunity to capture these nudes. It was Jason's first nude shoot and he did incredibly well, portraying a beautiful, innocent look.'

We all have seen the hotel room with white walls, white curtains and the heater under the window. Most times we barely look as it is so common...ugly really. With Jason and the talent, eye and lighting from Chris Teel this generally ugly space is turned into a thing of beauty. Thanks again Chris!

Chris Teel:

Introducing Chris Durrant

Recently I saw a series of shots from photographer hovephotoman (see below) of 20 year old UK model Chris Durrant. I really loved the shoot and had to learn more. The shots, which Chris says are from about a year ago, not only highlight Chris's fit body but also his great face which the camera, as you can see, certainly loves.

Chris tells me that he has only worked occasionally in the past couple of years due to his being a student and pursuing his education. This past summer however, he has focused on his modelling and has new material such as calendars and catalogue work coming out soon. I will be sure to update you as more of Chris's work comes out!

Chris Durrant

Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 188lbs
Waist: 31in
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Medium
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: White
Experience: Experienced

Below: Chris and some of his work with Buff Builders.

Recently Chris took part in the UK's ITV morning show segment 'Hunks In Trunk's' with Abbey Clancy.

It was this series of shots by hovephotoman that first introduced me to Chris. Love this series! You can see more at hovephotoman's site Manshots HERE:

Brandon Ruckdashel Exposed

"That's the spirit Paul. You walk this path and you walk a fine line between sanity, safety and morality, but you're already halfway there with this show. So what's one more step down the path of life?"
-Jerry to Paul in Exposure-

Regular readers of FH know one of my favorite guys is actor Brandon Ruckdashel. Besides being one of the kindest guys, Brandon is one of the most talented. Brandon has achieved success and acclaim for his work as an actor and singer on stage, on television and on film. Brandon has also spent time the last couple of years honing hi skills as a photographer. Several times this past year when I was researching a model I was pleasantly surprised to see Brandon as the photographer.

Over the past year and half Brandon has been working on another project, a more personal one. Writing is not new to Brandon, he is a song writer and has written in the past, but his new play 'Exposure' is his first full play.

Exposure is a play about a young actor (Paul) who breaks up with his girlfriend (Tara) to pursue his dreams in Hollywood. Along the way he lives with a stripper (Tonya) and takes a boyfriend (Tim) all while under the guiding hand of his agent (Jerry). Exposure is both about the entertainment business and what an actor is willing to do as he lives his dreams.

Brandon says Exposure is the honest Hollywood story. "It's about all those things that happen that ENTOURAGE doesn't talk about. I decided to write this show because no one was writing anything like it and I'm fairly certain that my story is not unlike many other young actors who move to Hollywood. They dream big and try to survive any way they can." The events that happen within the play all happened within the first six months of Brandon's move to California. Exposure is a personal narrative, and although there are similarities between Brandon and Paul, it is not exactly biographical.

"I started writing EXPOSURE when I went on hiatus from Co-Ed Confidential season 3. Originally there were more characters, more scenes, more everything, but over the course of the writing process I've really spent the most time on focusing the story. A play can't be about everything and I think it's a trap many writers fall too easily into. They think "More More More" instead of "Less Less Less." My greatest influences on the structure were Neil Simon's "Last of the Red Hot Lovers" and of course my favorite cult film "Fight Club." Over the course of three relationships Paul learns about himself and what he wants, needs, and is willing to do for success. Throughout this arc he is tormented, teased, and at times has very honest conversations with an agent character (JERRY) he's created in his head."
-Brandon Ruckdashel-

Having read 'Exposure' I can attest to Brandon's talent as a writer. Exposure is a character driven play which explores systemically not just the highs, but the lows of making it in show business. It's toll on relationships not to mention ones mental well being. Most of us watch from a distance the success stories, the actors working. Although there have been stories of 'making it' in the business (think Fame), rarely does Hollywood allow us to see the dark side, the pain, the broken relationships which occur on the journey to stardom.

Exposure is currently doing readings and I will be sure to update you on the plays journey from page to stage. Thanks Brandon!

Exposure: The Play by Brandon Ruckdashel
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