Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 25th

Model Cameron Joel Bailey
(see more below).

Happy Birthday Cillian Murphy

Happy Birthday to Cillian Murphy who turns 34 today.

Just Because: Brandon Beemer

I posted some of these shots of actor Brandon Beemer and girlfriend Nadia Bjorlin in Italy's Vanity Fair. A poster at DC found some more though. Hope to find some bigger scans.

It's Almost Over...

As the television season comes to an end h ere are a few thoughts on some shows I have posted about over the past year:


I have been a watcher of Lost on DVD only. Each fall I buy the past season and enjoy it over a weekend or two. I broke this pattern to watch the last few episodes so I could enjoy the finale. I see there are quite mixed reviews but I loved it. It had so many beautiful moments. It was clear this show could not wrap up and answer every question but its conclusion to me was more than satisfying.

Grey's Anatomy:

On the flip side I HATED the Grey's Anatomy finale. It was engrossing, addictive and kept my attention from start to finish. Yet...as soon as it ended I felt completely violated and manipulated. The stupidity of some of the story was insulting. The shooter had moments with every main character (except for Mark) and although I am usually a big defender of Shonda Rhimes, this season finale was so filled with everything I hate about season enders. Last years was built around characters, this season it was built on doing anything to shock.

Dancing With The Stars:

This season is the first I actually have been watching consistently. I have said before, Pamela Anderson was one of the main reasons. Since her departure I have lost most of my interest. I know it ain't gonna happen, but the only person left I can stand is Erin Andrews. Evan Lysacek is quite annoying but he does not hold a candle to the manipulative and annoying Nicole Scherzinger. She and show make sure to provide us with crying filled 'I am not a dancer' moments each week but anyone with a brain can clearly see you are. I don't care how you spin it, your a dancer and should not have been put on the show to begin with. Poor Buzz...you didn't stand a chance!

Accidentally On Purpose:

You all know I loved Accidentally On Purpose. I posted many times about this show and tried my best to save it. CBS stupidly cancelled it. Although blanketed by Monday night hits, AOP still had impressive ratings for a first year. Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother took a season or two to really take off and I am sad AOP will not get that chance. It boggles me that they chose to save Rules Of Attraction (CBS's own According To Jim) instead. I have been a long time fan of series creator and producer Claudia Lonow and will miss all the laughs she provided. AOP was not the greatest show out there but it consistently, week after week made me laugh. I will miss the entire cast but in particular hope Nicolas Wright and Lennon Parham (whose line delivery is amazing) are back on tv very soon!

Favorite Model of the Day: Cameron Bailey

I have posted about Click model Cameron Joel Bailey a couple of times before. Cameron is one of my favorite models for several reasons. Firstly his story. Like many in the business, it was not Cameron's initial goal to be a model. Cameron's loves include anything with a board or a ball (Snowboarding, Surfing, Skimboarding, Skateboarding, Basketball and Handball) His interests are that of most typical 20 year old guys, partying and women. So this average guy gets discovered and leaves Huntsville Texas for the Big Apple. Cameron did a bit of modeling and acting when in Texas including appearing on the Fox show 'Prison Break'. It was once he hit New York however that his career really took off.

I also love Cameron because of his look. Great hair, great body. But...the world of modeling, and the Internet for that matter is filled with great bodies. It is the face however that is the key. Cameron obviously knows this and uses his look, his face and especially his eyes as the centerpiece in his work. He draws you in with a look that your sure is just for you. I am not sure how to explain it, but there is an intelligence in Cameron's work that to me is his signature. Cameron appears to be a easy going, fun loving guy in life, but when in front of the lens, when at work, he transforms to create emotion filled amazing images.

Name: Cameron Bailey
Agency: Click Models
Height: 6'0" (183cm)
Place of Origin: Texas.
Ethnic Origin: 1/2 Italian and 1/2 Irish.
Birthsign: Scorpio.
How discovered: Walking in a mall.
Favorite things: My Ford F1-50.
Favorite music, band: Disturbed.
Hobbies: Snowboarding, surfing, working out.
Favorite piece of clothing: Shoes.

Cameron Bailey by Sean P. Watters

One of Cameron's most recent shoots was with the brilliant Sean P. Watters. Sean is working on a portrait series. Sean says of the series; 'The process is very simple: one light, a few questions asked and some spontaneous shooting that is never less than 20 or more than 40 minutes.' Amazing! Check out more HERE:

Cameron Bailey in 'Wild Things'

'Wild Things'
V Magazine: September 2009
Photographer: Mario Testino
Fashion Editor/Stylist: Beat Bolliger
Hair Stylist: Marc Lopez
Makeup Artist: Tom Pecheux
Models: Cameron Bailey, Johnny Angel, Brett Robinson,
Carmen Kass, Anne Vyalitsyna and Tommy Dunn

Cameron Bailey by Rick Day

It is risky to say one of Rick Day's shots is a favorite as his body of work is so huge I am always seeing new shots I love. I will say that his work with Cameron is certainly at the top of my list. The last picture at the bottom of this post is certainly one of my all time favorite Rick Day shots. I love it's composition, lighting and everything about Cameron in it from his hair, eyes, facial expression and body.

There are many shots of Cameron by Rick, but these are my favorites. I think Cameron is also a favorite of Ricks and was featured in his book Players.