Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 8th

Daniel Pacheco by J.R Shot You

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Happy Birthday today August 8th to:

Actor Guy Burnet turns 29 today.

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(note this is an old birthday post, from 2008, so add on 4 years!)

Daniel Pacheco: Something Takes Over...

Above: Daniel by Culver Photography

'At first I felt really awkward and self-conscious about modeling, but it slowly started making me feel comfortable and confident in myself. I'm a very shy, reserved person, but when it comes to modeling, something takes over me.'
Daniel Pacheco

Daniel by PhotoFreedom

I am always amazed at the energy and accomplishments of so many of the men I feature on FH. As I have discussed before, it is extremely difficult, especially for men, to make a living solely as a model. Most have to juggle many things on the road to success. Recently when visiting the portfolio of Chris Teel, whose work regularly featured on FH, I spotted a new image, a shot of 23 year old Daniel Pacheco. I loved Daniel's look. There was both a beauty and an intelligence emitting from his incredible brown eyes that led me to contact him about a feature on the blog.

Love this shot by iLook Studios

Daniel grew up in Puerto Rico and attended the Universidad del Sagrado Corazon to study theatre. While there he worked in both theatre and film, including the short film 'La llegada'. One of his most interesting, and unusual jobs was touring with a dog show throughout Venezuela and the Dominican Republic.

Below: Daniel by michaelNYC

About two years ago, Daniel moved to New York to attend AMDA's acting conservatory and graduated this year. After graduation, Daniel decided to take a semester off to work. During this time, he mostly modeled and worked part-time at Armani Exchange in SoHo. Like all actors, this time has also included a lot of auditioning. Daniel was an extra for the web series'Brooklyn is in Love', directed by Danielle Earle, and will return to the series once he returns to New York. Currently, the young actor is Los Angeles finishing his acting BFA at the AMDA campus.

Next two images from RT Photography

'I started modeling as a hobby, then became passionate about it. I recently bought a camera, so you will hopefully see some of my work behind the lens very soon.'

Below: Daniel by Chris Teel

So that's actor, model, student and soon to be photographer...oh yes, Daniel is also a dancer, a writer, a certified swordsman and he loves to cook! You can see more of Daniel's images by checking out his ModelMayhem page HERE:

Last 2 images from Justin Thai

Temperatures Rising: August On THE MALE FORM


Although fall is just around the corner, it is still HOT on Dylan Rosser's THE MALE FORM. Dylan's August updates begin Starting with Aiden, who Dylan photographed while in Chicago last year. 'He has an amazing butt and great blue eyes'. Also from Dylan is a more recent shoot he completed in Barcelona.

'This was one of those last minute things that I managed to put together. I had a great rooftop location the city and it seemed a waste not to shoot there, so I turned on Grindr and sent a few messages. An hour later I had managed to persuade Robby to come over and get naked. Definitely not the usual beefcake model but he has great definition and a huge package so I don't think anyone will be complaining.'


Photographer Ethan James has developed quite a unique style and he is a regular contributor to the site. This month he offers us Maxx who is a 24 year old hair stylist from Tennessee. Rounding off the August content is 37 year old stud, Ethan, from Sydney shot by Paul Smollen, and Marco from Georgia by Gregory Adam. Dylan also releases images from the tMf shoot with Benjamin Godfre as well as a free link to that issue!!! Check out all of August's great additions on THE MALE FORM.

Давид Сагитович Белявский

No, although they sort of look like it, the first few images are not from a Corbin Fisher shoot. The images feature Russian gymnast David Belyavskiy. Belyavskiy was slightly off last Wednesday, still doing great, but little mistakes cost him in the floor exercise, rings, pommel horse and high bar.