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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 21st

Mattress Mount by studioMGphotography
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Happy Birthday today March 21st

Happy 33rd to actor Scott Eastwood!

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Snow melting, budding, blooming, new growth, warmer nights, longer days of light, and of course...a little bird watching.
Welcome Spring!

Bedtime Stories by studioMGphotography

"What's your bedtime story?" was the question put to the men on these pages, to be interpreted by each in their own way... Fact or fiction, these are the stories they shared. Only they know if this represents their real self, or maybe an alter ego...
Mark, studioMGphotography

FH readers, especially those who love the work studioMGphotography, recognize the mattress room.  The mattresses and room has been a favorite location of Mark's for awhile and has shown up in several previous pieces featuring Mark's work on FH.  Finding the location began purely by accident, the day Mark was shooting a model FH readers know well, Bond.

'Bond and I were out exploring at an old Army base. I was amazed by his incredible easy going personality, boundless energy, and of course beautiful body. He'd already commented that he'd never spend so much time naked (it was a long day or exploring and shooting). Late afternoon and the light is low and reaching into the old barracks. We did some shooting with graffiti on the ground floor then set out to see the upper floors. Finding the mattresses Bond started jumping on them like a gleeful kid. Winded after a while he laid down on his back, spread eagle, to cool off... I kept shooting and Bedtime Stories was born...'

Since that first shoot in the room with Bond, (above) Mark has been drawn back to the location many times, bringing dozens of models along to play on the mattresses.  The room was on the third floor of a concrete barracks building, with maybe 40 rooms per floor. Two staircases connected everything, and on each floor there was a locker room style toilet and shower area in the middle of the building. Mark typically began his shoots by simply introducing guys the room,which he shares was less than impressive upon first site.  Abandoned for over 20 years, it was dusty and grimy with broken desks thrown around, torn curtains and of course all those mattresses.

Mark noted that there were three different mattress designs, one with dark pinstripes he assumes was military issue.  The others looked like they may have been purchased on sale by the Army, with wide pink and blue stripes or with huge flowers.  Mark would tell models that their first decision was about how they wanted to stage their shoot,picking a mattress and deciding what they wanted to do with them.

Mark has been working on a book featuring the location for awhile, but it took a bit of time to put things together narrow down from the hundreds of images of the many models that he shot at the location.  Bedtime Stories is finally ready with  119 pages, and over 160 photographs of featuring explicit content and full nudity with 40 different guys including many, (Bond, Yorgen, Renn, Anton, Andrew, Gabriel, Angel, Nathan, Jayk and John) FH readers have already come to know and enjoy.

'The 40 guys really cover a wonderful range of manhood... The age range is 18-48. Unintentionally I think I hit pretty much every ethnicity. There are gay, bi and straight boys. There are long haired boys and shaved heads. Blonds, brunettes, black hair, and a ginger... Professionally they are all across the board too; Dancers, students, engineers, a rocket scientist, a photographer, medical professionals, waiters & bartenders, personal trainers, a gardener, a military man... Some were fairly modest while others appears to not have a single inhibition. For several this was their first time in front of the camera, while others have modeled extensively.'

Largely, the look and feel of the images Mark captured were created by the models themselves.  Mark would introduce the location, then, encourage them to do as the pleased, to get creative and enjoy themselves. Occasionally Mark brought a prop or two, and a few models brought along stuff themselves, but mostly, it was jut them, the room and the mattresses.  Given the book's theme was Bedtime Stories, I asked Mark to share a few stories of his own from his time shooting in the location.

'One reason "our" room survived in the same condition for several years is that one of my early models was friends with a team of graffiti artists who were busily painting and tagging the buildings. He asked them to leave that room alone as it was being used for an art project as is. Whether it was his request, or the graffiti artists got bored, but the room was left alone..

One time a model and I could hear college kids coming up the stairs and then turning our direction on the central hallway. I popped out into the hall in front of them, giving them quite a shock since they didn't know we were there. I'm carrying the camera and giving them a "heads up" that there's a photo shoot happening here. About then the model also pops into the hallway, obviously still pulling his clothes on. The kids said "cool" and quickly kept moving down the hall!'

'Twice models brought their significant others along. A straight boy's girlfriend sat behind me quietly watching the shoot. Once or twice she'd make a comment (she modeled for a living), or swoop in during a break and touch up his makeup. It was one of the more erotic shoots to begin with and at one point after he'd been playing with himself for a while he locked eyes with her and jacked off. So focused on what he was doing I have no idea what might have been happening behind me!

Another surprise guest was a models boyfriend. This was already a duo shoot between two models who were not a couple, but knew each other well, if you catch my drift. They too had a pretty steamy shoot, all while the boyfriend sat in the corner of the room totally ignoring the shoot and playing video games on his phone.'

If you want to order, or check out more preview shots from Bedtime Stories check out
 the Hardcover edition HERE: & the EBOOK Download version HERE:

Matthew Ferguson in Love & Human Remains

Kane : Sometimes I think there's something wrong with me.
David : I've never met anyone born after 1965 who wasn't incomplete somehow.

One of the seasons last 12 Days posts featured actor Cameron Bancroft. (HERE:) For the piece, I re-watched Love & Human Remains, the 1993 film which I believe contains Cameron's only nude scene. The Canadian film, directed by Denys Arcand was based on a Brad Fraser's stage play about a gay man and his female roommate trying to find love and sexual gratification in Edmonton as a serial killer is loose in the city.

Actor Thomas Gibson played David, the gay roommate, and one of the men he encounters in the beautiful Kane played by actor Matthew Ferguson. Matthew was incredibly compelling in the role, visually stunning with his beautiful long hair and great face full of wide eyed innocence and curiosity. I had forgotten about Matthew's brief nude scene, but did a few caps to showcase the actor in the future.

With the cast off-set (and with shorter hair)

It appears that Matthew, 20 at the time of filming, and 45 years old today, has left acting, but he appeared in a number of Canadian movies and TV shows throughout the nineties. After graduating from the Claude Watson School for Performing Arts, Matthew got his start doing theatre before landing his first film role, alongside actress Judy Davis, in On My Own in 1991. Some of Matthew other films include; Lilies, Eclipse, Billy Madison and The English Patient. Matthew is maybe most well known to many for his role as Seymour Birkoff in La Femme Nikita from 1997-2001.

La Femme Nikita

Eclipse (1994)

In addition to Love & Human Remains, Matthew also had a nude scene in 1994' Eclipse, but despite a deep search, have had no luck finding a copy of the 1994 film. If anyone knows were I might find a copy, shoot me a line.

Love & Human Remains

Ferguson & Thomas Gibson