Thursday, August 31, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 1st

Zafi by Frank Joseph
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FH viewers might have noticed my theme for the summer was CMNM.  Although I'd featured the theme, along with CFNM in the past, I really wanted to put more focus on the theme, and the reasons why so many people erotically respond to it.

For me, it's both the visually differences in subjects, and vulnerability expressed and exposed.  There's also a power dynamic, that depending on the image, can shift and fluctuate between the the one clothed, and the one exposed.  Most often, one assumes the clothed person is in charge, but more often for me, it's the opposite. 

Over the years, I've featured many CMNM scenarios, usually with performers and strippers, and all those brave naked bike riders.  While searching for imagery and video the last few months, I came upon some shots that were a bit different.  For one reason or another they stuck out to me.  Check out my favorites on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

First of the Month:

For most hard working people, especially those who rent or who pay a mortgage, the first of the month can be a stressful time.  It's that time the rent is due, and the rent is due.  Many of use remember paying our rent by cheque, meaning you could sometimes buy an extra day or two.  Today however, most rent and mortgages come directly out of your account, and bank computers aren't the least bit sympathetic if you're a little bit short.

Sometimes however, you may need to reach for alternative ways to earn a little cash before the first of the month roles around.  Sometimes we try borrowing from our parents, a friend, a nice aunt.  Sometimes we make a plea to our landlord. Other times, we do a little overtime at work, or pick up an extra job on the weekends.

When all else fails however, and if you live in the Vancouver area, you can head over to Rent Cheque and try to make an extra $500.   How you make it, well stripping off all your clothes for an audience full of strangers.  Learn more about Rent Cheque, and see some of my favorite guys looking to earn a little extra rent cheque money on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Vision Quest...

Most little boys and girls at one time or another wanted to be a superhero.  I spent half of my childhood running through the woods with a towel wrapped around my neck.  That bath towel was superhero cape, and with it, I imagined I was Superman, Batman, and once in awhile, when I thought no one was looking, I was Wonder Woman.

We all wanted Superman's powers and wondered what we'd do if we had them.  I know that most would say they'd want to fly, or have super strength to save the world.  Given that everyone reading this is a  FH viewer, I'm also guessing many of you, myself included, would want to try out that X-Ray vision.

'Three people who are not happy are torn between love, hate, promises, truth and prejudice. Stories that are intertwined with the city as a silent witness to its dilemmas.'

In the 1998 Cuban drama La vida es silbar, (Life Is To Whistle) one characters gets to see what it would be like to be able to remove a guys clothing with just a wish, and a little imagination. 

Now I wish that I could tell you the film was 2 hours of Mariana, (played by Claudia Rojas) visually removing the clothes of hundreds of hot actors.  Sadly, it's just one brief scene, but it is a good one.  Someone needs to take this idea and really run with it in a really great film.  I know the theme has been used before, but it's usually in teen comedies where the only ones losing their clothes are female.  Anyway, although the scene is brief, I thought some might enjoy taking a peak.

Frank Joseph: A Provocative Process

I've enjoyed focusing on cmnm images and videos the last few months, but with the site's focus on the male form, the theme has always been a core part of FH.  Every shoot and ever nude model that I've featured has been rooted in the theme.   Sure, there maybe a few photographers who strip down down during the shooting process, but most leave the nudity to the model.

When I was thinking of a photographer to spotlight featuring the theme, I immediately thought of Frank JosephFH viewers know I love the process piece of shoots, and especially including behind the scenes images and stories in my posts.  Whenever I feature a shoot, I like to know how it came together, and everything I can about the shoot and the process. 

In my previous pieces Frank's work, (HERE:) I've spotlighted some of my favorite of Frank's models and shoots.  If you've check out Frank's site, you know that it includes much more than just final images.  Frank also often includes behind the scenes videos of his shoots and has a blog on his site with behind the scene images and videos.

I love not only watching, but listening to the interactions, the comments from the models and Frank giving direction during the shoot.  Most of the images in this piece are video captures I took from the many videos on Frank's site.  I also shot Frank a few questions about his cmnm experiences, and if he'd ever been on nude side of the cmnm equation. 

Do you still get (nervous, excited) when a model takes their clothes off, or has it become just routine? 

It doesn’t make me nervous but occasionally can excite. There’s a little bit of awkwardness when we first start to shoot, but that always goes away quickly. I never find the models are ever shy about removing their clothes. On a few occasions, it was a pleasant surprise to see the model was already aroused. 

How to gage how interactive you should be on a shoot?

I prefer to pre-arrange only the type of nudes we’ll be shooting (full frontal, aroused, butt only, etc) The rest I gage by my interaction with the model and how they respond to touch. I like to feel the model’s energy when I’m close. If they seem uneasy or step back (rare), then I don’t proceed any further.

I love the process of a shoot as much as the finished images. What made you decide to be part of the 'story' with behind the scene videos?

At some point I decided to start recording sessions with a GoPro that was head mounted. I figured the POV would be comparable to my own and that would be interested. The problem with that POV alone is that my head doesn’t keep still, which can be annoying for a viewer (especially a paying viewer) So I’ve incorporated 2nd and 3rd cameras and merge the footage together into one. Sometimes what is captured by one camera is dynamic enough that I’ll offer separate views of those cameras alone (Roly, Bel Gris). 

Have you ever modeled nude yourself for another photographer? If so, how was that experience different than your work behind the camera? 

I did when I was in my 20’s in California for a photographer named Sherwin Carlquist. He was extremely nice to me. We worked about 4 or 5 times. I’m in several of the photo books he published, which I used to have, but they were stolen with some other property a few years ago. I also operated a home cam called MyHouseLive in the early days of cam performing. I took more selfies than actually performed online. Lost all of that content to a hard drive I cannot access.

The last two images below feature Zafi, who Frank recently shot in Barranquilla, Colombia.  There is a preview on the site now, but Zafi's full shoot with debut on the site on September 2nd. 

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