Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 13th

Alexander by RMark Photo
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Seasonal Sightings

As hot as the image in the foreground is, I was intrigued as to what exactly those structures in the background were.  At first I thought maybe train or bus shelters, but there do not appear to be any roads or tracks leading in or out of them in.  Regardless, he has a beautiful back deck.

Freezing His Butt Off...

'The butt muscles, specifically the gluteus maximus, medius and minimus, are some of the most important muscles for generating speed and power during many athletic movements.'

All athletes, especially those involved in a sport with running, knows that gluteus maximus is the not only the largest muscle in the body, it's also the most powerful.  The butt plays a a major role in both running and jumping and butt injuries can be painful, and cause an athlete to pulled from their game.

Most of us, might have assumed ice, heat or massage were the best ways to treat a sore ass, but that doesn't seem to be so....   I recently came upon an article in the Daily Mail in which instead of being pulled from the game, the injured player butt was freeze sprayed, right there in the middle the field...

'There are many ways to pick up a painful injury on the football pitch, but few hurt the pride as much as the body.'

'But for Charleroi defender Javier Martos, there was some embarrassment to go alongside physical discomfort, after he fell awkwardly during a game against Club Brugge. Martos went down under a challenge from Obbi Oulare, and landed painfully on his backside during a Belgian league game.'

Javier Martos

A Sabbatical in Savannah: Alexander by RMark Photo

With our daily routines set aside, many of us fee more adventurous when travelling or when on vacation. There's something about being in a new place, a place where no one knows who you are and a place you may never return to again.  Far from your family, your regular social circle, the grocery clerks, barista's and neighbors you see every day.

We're less likely to feel as judged by strangers, by people we don't know, or care to get to know. We're transitory visitors, destined to be long gone before regret has time to set in.  That's one of the reason respite risks are so common, and one of the reasons Alexander ended up posing nude for RMark Photo.

Originally from the Ukraine, Alexander had no intention on posing naked, nor did he even really plan on being in Savannah, the place the place where Roger shot him, but sometimes... one things leads to another.  It was actually Alexander's girlfriend paved the way,for the shoot after receiving a work Visa to travel to Georgia for a work internship.  Alexander didn't intend to join her, but after being separated for awhile, he decided to join her for a visit.

While visiting his girlfriend was great, Alexander found himself alone much of the time while she was off at work.  Looking to find something interesting to do to fill his days, and hoping to also make a little extra cash, Alexander decided to try his had at art modeling, and signed up to pose for a Life Drawing and Painting class at a local college.

The classes teacher was Roger, who found Alexander wonderful to work with.  Roger describes him as both pleasant and very professional.  Given how new he was to modeling, Roger was also impressed with how skilled he was with posing, and how easy going he was about being totally nude in a classroom full of people.

Given his work as a photographer Roger decided to ask Alexander if he'd also consider posing photographs.  Roger wanted to capture some of the classic poses Alexander was using for the art students in the classroom. Without hesitation, Alexander agreed.  Being so far away from home, Alexander felt few inhibitions and was thrilled to try something new and exciting on his brief, but memorable, time in the States.  Shortly after these shots were taken, Alexander was on a plane, flying  far away from his respite of risk.

Gustav Lindh in Queen of Hearts

'A successful lawyer jeopardizes her career and threatens to tear her family apart after engaging in an affair with her teenage stepson.'

While I was looking for posts for Mother's Day, I cam upon the 2019 Danish film Queen of Hearts.(Dronningen) Directed by May el-Toukhy, the film introduces us to Anne, (Trine Dyrholm) a lawyer who lives with her physician husband Peter, and their two daughters. The drama begins when Gustav, (Gustav Lindh) Peter's teenage son from his past marriage, leaves his mother's home in Sweden to move in with dad and his new family.

Gustav and Peter immediately begin butting heads with Anne playing both peace maker, and confidant to Gustav. After a series of events, Anne ends up in Gustav's bedroom late one night, and and 'affair' begins. I put affair in quotes as Anne is in her forties, and Gustav is a minor, it actually qualifies as sexual abuse.  I know many don't see male teenagers as victims when the sex is consensual, but it's not really about their reaction in the moment, but the impacts down the road.

Upon it's release, the film garnered a lot of buzz and was selected as the Danish entry for the Best International Feature Film at the 92nd Academy Awards. Although ultimately not nominated, the film did win the 2019 Nordic Council Film Prize.

The version I watched had Swedish subtitles, so I couldn't make out the dialogue, but the film was beautifully shot, and breathtakingly tragic. Although he plays a minor in the film, Swedish actor Gustav Lindh was in his early twenties during the filming.

There are several erotic sex scenes, including the couples first sex scene which includes Anne pleasuring Gustav orally. I'm quite confident the penis pictured was a prosthetic, it was still a little shocking to see a scene like this in a mainstream adult drama. I'm going to try to find a copy with English subtitles, but regardless, Gustav's eyes tell so many stories, I really enjoyed the version I watched.