Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 22nd

Darian by JDT Photo
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Long Day?

Hitting the Wall

Captured Regrets

I was just a baby in the seventies when The Bay City Rollers were at the height of their teen idol fame so I only really know of them from old teen magazines and the net. Les McKeown was a cutie, but i don't really remember the 'off the shoulder' look that popular in men's fashion, even for pop stars. Not sure if it was a quick trend, or simply a captured regret only poor Les has to suffer. I think he looked best in the image above, keeping both shoulders free from fabric.

Budding: Darian by JDT Photo

-becoming larger as part of the process of normal growth.
-beginning and showing signs of promise in a particular career or field.

Back when I first featured the work of JDT Photo, I would probably describe the Georgia based photographer as a gifted and 'budding' young artist. When I wrote that piece in 2014, (The Spring Suspension) Jesse was just 24 but described his passion for photography as already firmly embedded. Jesse's philosophy is that if you love what you see when you look through the lens, that passion will come through to the viewer through the images.

I certainly love what see when I spend time with Jesse's work, especially his choice of models to create with. Although Jesse has certainly worked with his share of experienced models, some,like Seamus O'Reilly (Exceedingly Irish) I have featured on FH, many are 'budding' young models, most I have seen for the first time through their work with Jesse..

Darian is one of those models, a stunning young model who beautifully interacts with his lush surroundings. Although Jesse worked with models inside, his studio of choice is the often forest. The woods provides endlessly unique colors and backdrops, incredible tree's and plants as props and bodies of water for the naked body's he is shooting to submerge in. Darian looks he belongs in the forest, at home and at ease as he moves and poses so elegantly within the woods. Darian's soulful eyes also seem to be taking in and channeling all the beauty around him in Jesse's shots.

I think it's Jesse's forest studio that has me returning to work during times of seasonal change. Jesse not only manages to capture the beauty of his surroundings, but the silence, and not only the noticeable, but the subtle changes in color, texture, temperature and light that occur during natures routine, yet extraordinary transitions. If you want to see more of Jesse's work, check out much more at the links below. Jesse has also begun an OnlyFans site as a new way to feature and share his imagery.

Richard Rothstein: A Pinch of Ginger

'You'd find it easier to be bad than good if you had red hair.'
L. M. Montgomery


Ever since first enjoying photographer Richard Rothstein's chronicling of Sketchy Saturday's at TherapyNYC, it has become a destination I look forward to visiting the next time I am in New York. I would have especially loved to have been there last Saturday when they celebrated St. Patrick's day with a gorgeous and hunky doublet of gingers.

Last Saturday's creative inspirations were Dave and Chris, two russet and ski freckled models posing for artists, sketchers and those just wanting a pinch of ginger mixed in to their Saturday evening.

We often connect redheads with St. Paddy's day, and in America, many gingers do come from Irish decent. In Ireland however, only about 10& of the total population have red hair. (which also includes auburn and Strawberry blond) It is actually Scotland, with about one eighth of the population, (12.5%) who have beautifully dark and reddish hair.

The US doesn't really have a day to celebrate all things Scottish, so until then gingers and St. Paddy's day will have have to remain connected. Canada does celebrate Tartan Day every April, a day originated in Canada the mid 1980's. Although also recognized in the US in the late 90's is not as well known outside of Scottish societies and communities. Regardless, for me, every and any day is a good day to celebrate a hot ginger.