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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 1st

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Happy Birthday today March 1st

Happy 54th to actor Javier Bardem!

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Seasonal Sightings:

Who Dat?

Do you recognize this handsome stud?   I don't think it's breaking news that many of you have certainly seen him naked.  If know who he is, and want to see more, or don't have a clue, and want to find out.. check out the NEXT PAGE HERE:

The 23rd Floor: Ethan Tate by Michael von Redlich

'We were very high up (23rd Floor) and so we were not aware of any onlookers.'

Earlier this month I was fortunate to be able to spotlight the work of photographer Michael von Redlich and his time shooting model and actor Ethan Tate. (HERE:) In the the first part of the feature, Michael shared how they got together, and what inspired the creative concepts and themes that they captured.  

In the second part, I highlighted some of my favorites shots with the creative utilization of step ladder left by the owners of the Airbnb that Michael had rented for the shoot. I also shared that because Michael had sent on so many incredible shots, I wanted to do another piece, this time, with the shots taken outside, on the apartments balcony.

Whenever I feature a shoot featuring a nude model outside, it's almost automatic for me to ask about on-lookers.  Part of the pleasure of viewing images of a model outside is the voyeuristic element and the risk of being seen or discovered.  Because they were shooting so far up, on the 23rd floor, Michael shares they were not aware of any onlookers, but with all of those windows, and those 22 floors of balconies below, it's possible someone looked up and enjoyed more than just the sun, and the blue skies of Atlanta.  

Regardless of whether there were any secret spies below, both Michael and Ethan enjoyed their time together.  Ethan shares that he would highly recommend any model looking for unique and creative images, to work with Michael.  Both model and photographer both commented on how imaginative and collaborate the shoot was.

'My favorite part was how collaborative the shoot was. Michael and I shared equal control over poses and what locations to use.'

Beyond his beauty, one of the most visually striking thing about Ethan is the large tattoo on Ethan's upper left thigh.  At first glance, the tattoo looks like a large flower, but if you look closely, you'll notice that flower is being pollinated by a small bee.  Whenever a model has a such large, and distinctive tattoo, I'm always curious about the story behind it.   Check out the final chapter of the shoot's story, and the story behind Ethan's tattoo on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

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