Monday, November 3, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 3rd

Love this pic of model Alexander Starikov
Check out his Myspace page HERE:

Favorite Birthday Boy for November 3rd Dolph Lundgren

The beautiful Swede, Dolph Lundgren turns 49 today.

Favorite TV Presenter of the Day: Steve Jones

Steve Jones is the criminally attractive Welsh television presenter. If you haven't seen Channel 4's weekend entertainment show called T4, you will probably have no idea who he is. But once you do see him, you will not forget his amazing smile and body. Talented, hot and hilarious! What a combo.

Many of you have seen the video and caps (Thanks Casperfan!) But Steve truly has one amazing ass!

Favorite Male Model for November 3rd Jeremy Santucci

Jeremy (Jay) Santucci is certainly one of the hottest male models working today.

From MostBeautifulMan:

"Santucci began his modeling career in 2006 by signing on with David Todd at Nous Model Management using another name Jay Sanz. His very first modeling job was working with veteran photographer Bruce Weber for Abercrombie and Fitch billboard campaign.
His strong features and exceptional physique gained the admiration of many advertisers and photographer, and had nailed many magazine spreads for Cargo, Details, and DNR magazine editorials. It was at this time that he changed his name to "Jeremy Santucci."
Now, signed with renowned agency Major Management, Santucci is taking the world of modeling on his hands. He's bagged multiple campaigns for Loehmann's, Emporio Armani, 2ixst and much more."

Check out his official website HERE:

Favorite VPL for November 3rd Jeremy Santucci

Most Male Models have to do underwear shoots at some point (thank goodness) but I am not sure I have seen them filled out quite so beautifully as Jeremy Santucci does.

Favorite Discovery of the Day: Michael Zara

Even in bad movies you can find good actors. 'The Pumpkin Karver' wasn't exactly bad, it was actually a pretty decent bad Halloween movie which provided quite a few laughs (many where they were not intended). In the middle of this movie was the stunning Michael Zara, who is simply beautiful in every way. Michael stood out, not only because his face is so appealing, but because he appeared to be the only actor with actual skills, attempting to actually act a role amoung a group of young actors hamming it up and looking for screen time. Maybe I am being too harsh, but it is interesting in a movie which has little to draw you in that one actor or character can actually pull you in to caring. Michael is a talented actor, producer, writer and director who many of you may not know. 'The Pumpkin Karver' may be his biggest role, but it is certainly not his most interesting. Michael has been working a lot in short films and you can see some of his work and find out a bit more about him by checking out his page at Weak Nights found HERE:

Michael in 'The Pumpkin Karver'

Had to add a few caps of this scene, the only real nudity in the film, the two nerds in the film, Grazer and Spinner (Jared Show and Alex Weed) give a little Pumpkin Moon.