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Favorite Pic of the Day for September 30th

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Seasonal Sightings

A Vintage Vantage: Everett Lee Jackson

I recently came upon an image of a model that I had to find out more about.  The image wasn't credited, but a quick Google image search quickly identified the model as Everett Lee Jackson.  This had me on the hunt for more...

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Put On A Happy Face!

I'm not usually a fan of butt tattoo's, but I love the one on model Arran Sly's beautiful behind.  Arran's smiley face is both incredibly fun, and incredibly hot.  I recently saw some of the UK based models images from Yummyzine and had to see more!  Yummyzine is really producing some great pictorals and when it comes to choosing male models, they really know how to pick them! 

Arran Sly: Stats
Height: 185 
Chest 97.5 
Waist 77 
Neck 38  
Shoe 9.5/43
Hair Light Brown 
Eyes Green

Arran Sly on Instagram

' Modeling puts you in many different situations with many different people, so it’s best to let go of any inhibitions and just go with the flow.'

Arran for Yummy  Magazine

Arran Sly for Yummyzine
Photographed by Bartek Szmigulski

Professed Slut: Aaron by Cooks Photography

Many FH readers may remember my last piece featuring the work of Hal Cooks of Cooks Photography and his work with Chris. In that post, (Chairing the Pants Off Them!)  I asked Hal about the wooden kitchen chair that appears in so many of his shoots. Hal shared that although the chair is primarily for use in photo shoots, when he's not shooting, it does have a home in his family room. 

I again mention the chair as in this shoot, it's wood seat has the pleasure of of being sat on by Aaron's delectable derriere. One of the reasons I love the chair so much is it's ability to support and assist in creating such beautiful poses.  I'm consistently impressed by Hal's ability to capture incredible shots of  the male forms unique lines and curves, especially given Hal usually provides his models just a chair or a floor as a base for their poses. 

Aaron didn't need much, with his experience in front of the camera, he knows keenly how best to show of his magnificent physique. I love Aaron's sleek look, from head to toe.  I also love that despite how hard he obviously works out, his physique is not over muscled.  Aaron has maintained his bountiful behind and is still able to create beautifully round and sumptuous curves.

How did you first connect with Aaron? 
I first met Aaron briefly at the gym, but I was formally introduced to him by his friend, another model I had previously photographed.  

Did you approach him, or he you? 
I approached him. He was very cordial, but it didn't go any further until his friend later introduced us.

What initially stood out to you visually about Aaron's look? 
Well, I saw that he was very attractive and fit.  

Did you have to bring up nude work, or was it already a given? 
Aaron is a self professed slut, so I didn't even have to mention nudity.  

Had he had much experience modeling nude? 
He had lots of experience making Onlyfans videos. 

Did you come up with a theme/concept for the shoot prior to, or was it more spontaneous? 
It was more spontaneous. 

Was shooting full frontal an issue for Aaron? 
Not at all, he got hard without even touching himself or being asked. 

Do you supply the underwear/fashion, or is it brought by the model. 
I typically have the model bring a few items, but I always have things just in case. In this case, the underwear and sheer one piece he's wearing, I provided. 

Did you get any feedback from Aaron after he saw the final images? 
He seemed to really like the pics. That was his second photo shoot with me. He posed with his friend that introduced us prior to this one.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 29th


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Pix That Make You Hmmm....

Retro Moments:

First Episode, 36 years ago
September 29, 1985

I was just a kid when the original MacGyver was on the air, and usually was being ushered to bed when it was coming on.  That didn't mean I didn't take notice, especially when I got a bit older and began seeing photos of Richard Dean Anderson in magazines.   I also enjoyed checking Richard out in his speedo on YouTube from some old clips of Battle of the Network Stars.

MacGyver (Season 1, episode 2)

Ad Men: Jake from State Farm

'Like a good neighbour.'

Earlier this year, I received an e-mail from a blog reader asking if thought of featuring Jake from State Farm in my Ad Men series.  I'd seen 'Jake' a few times on television, but really didn't initially notice how hot he was until starting to put together this piece.

'Jake' is played by actor Kevin Miles, who began acting professionally as Kevin Mimms over a decade ago. In addition to catching Kevin as Jake, you may also have seen him on television where he appeared on shows including; Criminal Minds, S.W.A.T and Underdogs. A busy working actor, it was really his turn as Jake which really helped Miles become well known.  So well known, 'Jake' even appeared with Drake in a Super Bowl Commercial.

Kevin by Tyler Shields

'I really just wanted to make a character that was something that felt like I was a guy helping out.'

Everett Lee Jackson: FaVorites

Although relatively easy to find images, it was hard finding much information about model Everett Lee Jackson.  From what I could find, Jackson began his modeling career when he was 18 in the early 1950's.  At the time, he was mainly known as Cherokee due to his Native American heritage.  It was common in the 50's and 60's to give male models names which would have them stand out, as well as quickly identify them to both photographers and fans of their work.

Jackson modeled from the early 1950'ss through the mid 1960's.  He was photographed and worked with Bob Mizer from The Athletic Model Guild, (AMG) Bruce in Los Angeles, Kris Studios and Champion.  Jackson also worked quite a bit with  photographer Pat Milo. (James Patrick)

Everett Lee with Johnny Menendez