Monday, February 6, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 7th

Keith Warlock
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Seasonal Sightings:

It's been a crazy work week, and going to even busier and crazier.  Still planning on posting, but posts may be a bit more sporadic the next week or so, until things settle down. 


Instagram's that Inspire

If you follow actor Ansel Elgort on social media, you know he's a bit of an exhibitionist.  Every few months, we get a little flash of skin and Ansel's most recent video is one of my favorites. Currently in Japan filming, Ansel recently shared a video of what he does on his off time. I love me a some celebrity butt crack so this was just up my alley! 

Ansel Elgort on Instagram

FaVorites: Keith Warlock

Keith Warlock
Colt Studios
Photographs by Jim French

Height: 6'01"
Weight: 205lbs
Hair: Black
Penis Size: 8.50"
Cut/Uncut: Cut
Sign: Taurus

Despite a fairly comprehensive search, I couldn't find much information about Colt Model Keith Warlock.  There are plenty of sites and blogs featuring his images, but not a lot of information or interviews.  That being said, when I recently saw a shot of Keith on Twitter, I was struck by his studly hot looks and had to see more.

I am guessing these shots were mostly taken in the early 80's, when Keith was about 25 years old.  Keith appears in two of Colt's 1986's calendars, both the regular, and leather themed releases.  He also appeared in issue #3 and issue #9 of Colt's All American Jocks and an issue of the studio's Wild Wild West. 

Der hei├česte Brocken

Thanks to some posters at Dreamcaps, I was alerted, and able to watch, the first season of Germany's version of Dating Naked.   The main male 'dater' is Fabio and as hot as he is, my eyes, and attention, was all on William.

Maybe it was the fact so many of the guys are overly-tatted, or maybe it was his pink undies.  Maybe, it's just that he's the hottest guy on the current season of Dating Naked.  Simply watching William walk around, flopping and bouncing back and forth, is a joy to behold.

I can't tell you anything about William really, the show was of course in German, so I didn't understand a word.  That didn't mean I didn't understand what was going on, and William seems to be a favorite of the lead female dater so hopefully, he'll be around for awhile

As you cane clearly see below, (r) William's back side is as spectacular as his front.

The 'cocktail' segment, William get a cocktail and is safe