Saturday, December 9, 2017

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 9th

Quadruplet by Photo15
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Happy Birthday today December 9th

Happy 39th to actor Jesse Metcalfe!

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12 Days: Andrew Walker in Dashing Through The Snow

This isn't the first time actor Andrew W. Walker showed up on list of 12 Days hotties. The first time was in 2014 for his Christmas flick A Bride For Christmas (HERE:) With Andrew's new holiday film, Snowed-In Christmas, airing next week, I am pretty sure it won't be his last.

This piece however, was inspired by my Monday late night watching of Andrew's 2015 Hallmark film, Dashing Through the Snow. The film was sort of a mash-up of a Christmas romance flick mixed with a sprinkle of your typical confused identity sit-com episode and a dash of the road trip in When Harry Met Sally. Add a cute puppy, some fake snow and a far too quick scene of Andrew shirtless, and you get the general idea.

The writing fro Dashing Through the Snow was pretty weak and the story not very compelling, but Andrew's performance had me stay up to finish. The Canadian born actor, and former football player is incredibly appealing on film, his smile and beautiful eyes have you hooked from his first second on screen. In addition to being incredibly sexy, Andrew has a bit of the Jimmy Stewart 'every man' quality that brings both warmth and humanity to his roles and movies.

I don't think Dashing Through the Snow would have worked without his skill and appeal. Just like Ashley, the female lead in the film, you fall in love with Andrew from the beginning, and it just grows with each mile the rental car to California takes. By the time they arrive, like Ashley, there's no turning back.

Kept Woman (2015)

Stalker (2015)

The Gundown (2011)

Photo15: In the Company of Men

'I have recently started photographing men in groups, I find the challenge very interesting and enjoy seeing how total strangers relate to one another in this setting.'

The first image of artist Marc Geller's that I saw was the image that I used at the top of the site as the pic of the day. I love the entanglement Marc created, not just of naked bodies, but of naked emotion. I have often struggled with the way some photographers choose to shoot two or more models together, especially if those models happen to be men. Very often, the focus is on sexual power and aggression, ignoring the myriad of other emotions men both regularly experience and share .

Although the bodies in Marc's images are physically bound and connected, it is the spiritual and emotional connections that radiates most powerfully from his imagery. Beyond just erotic love, Marc has captured great moments of lust and yearning, passion and desire. The importance and appetite for the company of men is more than just a desire or need, but a necessary element for survival.

An accomplished actor and director, Marc is finishing off a busy and creative year. He recently received nominations for both his acting (The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife) and directing (& Juliet) in the BroadwayWorld New Jersey Awards. (You can head to BroadwayWorld HERE: To cast a vote for Marc!) You can see and feel the influence of theatre and drama within Marc's images.  Like any great theatre piece, they create captivating and engaging stories for the viewer to dive into and explore.

'I'm an actor and a director and I call upon my work as a director when working with models. I find it helps with putting models at ease and it also helps me to help them capture the emotions that I’m looking for.'

Marc is currently preparing for his upcoming role as The Ghost of Marley in 'A Christmas Carol' which is being staged at The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts in Worcester, Massachusetts. After the holidays, Marc heads to the Burning Coal Theatre, NC in January to portray Ned Weeks in 'The Normal Heart.'   Marc's artistic urges are not restricted to stage and screen.  About three years ago he expanded his artistic canvas, when he added photography to his extensive creative resume.

'I had images in my head that I wanted to get out, so I bought a camera and some lights and started teaching myself through trial and error. My early work had themes. Side Show, Alice in Wonderland, Evil Clowns.... It was very character based and used a lot of SFX make-up (which I also do) and costuming. As time has gone by it’s gotten much simpler. Very few costume pieces, no make-up and rarely a theme. I tend to concentrate on the male form. I’ve also starting doing some photography of unusual landscapes.'

Some of you may remember Marc's Evil Clowns from a piece I did introducing the New York artist's work on FH just before Halloween. (Red Noses, Rubber Chickens and Bloody Machetes) Marc's describes his aesthetic as dark, raw and sometimes disturbing. Despite the hot models and incredible bodies you see in this series of images, Marc says that ultimately, he's not 'after pretty'.  Instead, his goal is to capture something meaningful and above all truthful.

This search for truth is often visually bare and raw, and Marc's use of mostly shooting his series in black and white ads to the drama, pathos and ecstasy within his imagery. Although most of the models in the series posed fully naked, Marc has chosen not to include full frontal nudity. Instead, Marc uses the physical connections to represent the needs of the deeper emotional connections between, and expressed by the men.

'For lack of a better term I call it my 'In the Company of Men Series.' I find the challenge very interesting. I also enjoy seeing how total strangers relate to one another in this setting. I feel as though I’m developing a style and I like where it’s going. It’s ever evolving and I continue to learn with each shoot.'

One of Marc's main goals is to capture unique images, shots unlike any other within his models portfolios. Setting up shoots featuring two, three and four models however, does come with it's own set of challenges. In addition to scheduling, Marc has chosen never to use or to display any pictures that his models don't like or approve . Although this adds a level of complication, Marc also finds it a fun, and creative challenge to shoot images in which both he and each of the models featured, is both pleased and satisfied with.