Tuesday, July 20, 2010

'I Am Not' by Brett Gleason Part #2

"Brett Gleason's first solo effort, 'The Dissonance' is a unique fusion of alternative rock and electronica, combining the low end crunch of industrial music with the melodic piano based style of a singer/songwriter."

The first single off 'I Am Not' has a sound I had not really heard before. After a couple of listens, and a couple of views of the video the song became embedded embedded in my musical memory. The song challenges the listener. Without the bells and 'hooks' used by many, you can not predict where the lyric and the melody are heading which is quite unique in today's Gaga land. Be sure to spend time with the video below. If you need another reason Brett is briefly naked in the last third...

Last week I asked you to head over to Logo and help Brett Gleason's 'I Am Not' make the click list. Well it only made the list, it hit #2!!!Please head on over to Logo HERE: and help 'I Am Not' make #1 this week! The video is the sixth one down on the left. There is a section to enter personal information but you don't need to do that-therefore, the number of times any one can vote is unlimited.

'It's an internal conflict with a universal application: You cannot bury, hide or deny parts of yourself for they will come back to get you. 'I Am Not' is about proclaiming pride in what previously caused shame, accepting yourself and the inherent duality of existence.'

You can check out more of Brett at his official site HERE: and Blog HERE:

Photos via Santiago Felipe.

The official video for Brett Gleason's first single, 'I Am Not' off of his debut EP, 'The Dissonance' (Check it out on itunes!)
Video directed by Drew Tobia with lighting by Mark Rangel and Santiago Felipe

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 20th

Yesterday I introduced you to model Nick Pesola. The stunning shot above of Nick is by one of my favorite photographers, Jon is currently featured over at Beautiful Mag with some of the hottest shots of Phil Fusco I have seen. Be sure not to miss them! Amazing shots Jon!

Happy Birthday today July 20th to:

Happy Birthday today July 20th to:

Model Dado Dolabella turns 30 today.

Rugby's Cedric Heymans turns 32 today.

Still one of my favorites from American Idol, Elliot Yamin turns 32 today.

Race Car driver Alex Yoong turns 34 today.

Simon Rex turns 35 today.

Josh Holloway turns 41 today.

Porky's 'Pee Wee' Dan Monahan turns 55 today.

Favorite Ad Campaign of the Day: Ryan Bertroche Frankie Morello

Yeah these shots are all over the web, but Ryan Bertroche is so amazing in this campaign I had to add it to the blog.

Ad Campaign: Frankie Morello Sexywear
Season: Fall Winter 2010.11
Photographer: Mariano Vivanco
Website: Frankie Morello

Thanks to longhornsfan212 for the caps!

Pic Series of the Day: Zoren By Brenton Parry

One of my favorite fellow bloggers, and inspirations Brenton Parry over at Aussielicious is also a photographer whose work I have showcased before. Brenton recently shot upcoming model Zoren and the results are quite spectacular.

'Yesterday I had my first outdoor shoot in some months when I shot a guy I’ve known for a while now but not very well. Zoren wants to try his hand at modelling and I was happy to shoot him to give him some shots for his portfolio. We shot in an alleyway a few suburbs away from home. There were some strange looks from people walking through and a bit of an outburst from some old man. His rant was a bit unintelligable but basically the idea was that he was old and figured it was his right to be a cranky old bastard. Thankfully Zoren is really happy with the results and as his first real shoot he did really well.'
Brenton Parry

New York State Of Mind #2

The actors, models, photographers and artists I profile on FH come from all over the world. New York is the city, for so many reasons, where so many work and live. New York is not however where most were born.

Anyone who checks out FH on a regular basis knows that I am not just interested in posting pictures, but as well learning the stories behind them. It is fascinating to me to hear the stories of those who left comfortable safe lives with the support and family and friends and move to New York for fame and fortune. Many succeed, many have small success and just as many return home without being able to get their foot in that heavily guarded door.

New York is full of many wonderful opportunities, generous people and the main center for the the arts. It, like every city, is also filled with people who only want to use you, take advantage of you and spit you out after they have got what they wanted.

I am beginning a new feature which will focus on some of these stories. Although I love to cover stories on supermodels, celebrities and actors, I have a keen interest in those artists plugging away night after night in the chorus, actors, models working hard who have not quite yet gotten that big break. Just a few years ago Matthew Morrison was one of those actors. In A New York Minute, things can change.

The Pajama Game, Catch Me If You Can, Pippin, The Good Doctor, Anything Goes, Aida, West Side Story, all great musicals and all are shows actor, singer and dancer Ricky Schroeder has been a part of on his journey to making it on Broadway. 19 year old Ricky moved to the City about a year ago and it has been a year of firsts. Ricky discussed some of these firsts and his journey to making it on Broadway with FH below.

'The First Time' with Ricky Schroeder

FH: When was the first time you knew you wanted to be a performer?

Ricky Schroeder:

'Well, the first thing I told people that I wanted to be when a grew up was a "movie star", but the first time I actually realized that performing was something I could really do with my life and have as my career was probably when I was in sixth grade after performing as Friedrich Von Trapp in The Sound of Music. It was my first experience with a show that had adults in it as well as children, I had only been in children's productions before, and somehow I managed to beat out over 250 other kids to get that role. I had an amazing time with the show, I loved working with older people, and I remember thinking if I was good enough to beat out all those kids, maybe one day I'd be able to work my way to bigger things than community theatre.'

FH: Do you remember the first time you were alone on a stage, without other actors or singers? What role were you playing?

Ricky Schroeder:

'I feel like this rarely ever happens in a show. Even when I've had solos in musicals, a lot of the time there are other people onstage I was either singing to, or they were singing backup. I think I've only been completely alone onstage a couple of times in my life. I think My first time was the summer before my sophomore year of high school for a cabaret to raise money for the local theatre group I did summer shows with. I sang "Purpose" from Avenue Q. But my first time alone onstage in actual show was probably when I was Radames in a production of Aida. That's the first role I remember any significant alone time, anyway.'

FH: What was the first job that actually paid you to act or sing or dance?

Ricky Schroeder:

'The first time I got paid for doing what I love to do (which is a crazy thing when you think about it), was my junior year of High School when I was in the Ensemble of a production of Andrew Lippa's "The Wild Party", at Rochester, New York's Blackfriars Theatre. It was my first time with a semi-professional group, and one of the best and most fun theatre experiences of my life. I learned so much from everyone, and it's such a fantastic show.'

FH: When did you move to NY and what was your first job once you got there?

Ricky Schroeder:

'I actually only moved to NYC about a year ago in August when I started school at NYU as a Musical Theatre major Thur CAP21. My first job when I got here was actually as a Barista at Starbucks! On 14th between 5th and 6th! My first paying job as a performer in NYC, however, is actually the project I'm involved with right now. It's CAP21's Summer Stock NYC. We've been in rehearsals and the performances start this Friday!!! July 16th and go Thur the 23rd.'

FH: Who was the first performer you looked up to and wanted to model your career after?

Ricky Schroeder:

'Well my dream career would to be able to be the type of performer who has a long career on Broadway, dabbles on television, in the movies, and records their own CD's, so even though I've always knew I wanted to perform, I think the first performer that I looked up to for that sort of career aspiration was probably Kristin Chenoweth. I remember all of sudden just seeing her everywhere, and even though she wasn't necessarily "the star" in her television or movie roles, she was there. She has her own albums, has had a fantastic career on Broadway, and even though I've looked up to performers as inspiration, she was the first one where I really recognized the span of her career, and how much I would love for mine to be the same.'

FH: Has there been a first time yet you have been recognized on the street for something you have done on stage?

Ricky Schroeder:

'Yes, there has. Back home, in Rochester,NY, at least. I don't remember the exact first incident, cuz it's happened a couple of times, and they never really remember my name, they just ask me, "Hey, weren't you in ...??" Just because i got out and did a lot of community theatre back home, so I was all over the place.'

You can check out more of Ricky and listen to him sing at his YouTube Channel HERE:
One of my favorite performances is Ricky singing "Run Away With Me" from The musical 'The Unauthorized Autobiography of Samantha Brown.'

Below: Ricky with Hilary Swank

Ricky says he does not get star struck often but when he spotted Hilary while she was promoting "Amelia" his heart stopped.

Below: Ricky with Gavin Creel.

Ricky met Gavin Creel when he participated in a weeklong intensive a couple summers ago called "Making It On Broadway".

'We had classes everyday as well as master classes with fabulous people such as Gavin, Anthony Rapp (who I got to sing for), and Donna Murphy as well as others. It was a fantastic learning experience.'

Below: Ricky's brush with Idol.

'As far as my Idol audition goes, it was sort of a waste of time. Waiting around for hours and hours and hours, coming back the next day to wait again in a stadium. They then took us down by section, and sent four people at a time to one of 16 tables across the stadium floor where we got to sing about ten seconds. The guy auditioning us was on his laptop, clearly not listening, so I didn't even make it past that first stage. The guy in front of me was absolutely incredible, and he got cut as well. I don't know for sure, but I heard that some tables only accepted guys, some only accepted girls, some automatically cut everyone, some only took the "bad talent" and some took anyone...just a rumour but I could totally understand that. I mean, they cannot legitimately listen to the 20,000 people who were there to audition. I auditioned in Philly. I'm glad I did it, but it was just really disappointing to be waiting around getting your hopes up and then not have them really listen to you at all.'

This is Ricky singing Michael Buble's version of "Sway" for the American Idol Experience down in Disney World, Florida! This was the sound check before the actual show. 'Such a cool experience, it was just like being on American Idol.'

'Wherever I end up, as long as I'm performing, whether it be on Broadway as a perpetual chorus boy or as a leading male, in Regional Theatre, as a dancer, as a recording artist, on tv, in the movies, as a backup dancer; as long as I'm performing I'll be happy. I'm just going to keep on searching out and take whatever comes my way. We'll see where life takes me.'
Rick Schroeder

Ricky currently is performing alongside Colleen Zenk, Karen Mason, Carrie Manolakos, Pearl Sun, Dana Steingold, and students/graduates of CAP21 in SUMMER STOCK NYC: A Celebration of the Broadway Musical. Check out more HERE: