Monday, March 2, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 2nd

Beautiful shot of model Louis Prades.

Favorite Birthday Boys for March 2nd

Favorite Birthday Boys celebrating today March 2nd

Australian diver Matthew Mitcham turns 21 today.

The Amazing Daniel Craig turns 41 today.

Also Celebrating today March 2nd

Also Celebrating today March 2nd

Rugby's David Skrela turns 30 today.

German actor Tim Bergmann turns 37 today.

Italian actor Stefano Accorsi turns 38 today.

Jon Bon Jovi turns 47 today.

Import of the Day: Jay Ryan

I have to thank Jill for introducing me to New Zealand born actor Jay Ryan who has a pair of the most beautiful eyes. The eyes are just the beginning. Jay, who some of you may know when he was known as Jay Bunyan. Jay played Jack Scully in the Australian soap opera 'Neighbours'. When in L.A, Jay changed his last name to Ryan as it was felt Bunyan woul be associated with bunion. Personally I would have kept Bunyan. Jay won rave reviews a few years ago playing mulitiple roles in the stage production of 'The Packer' and was most recently featured on the television series 'Sea Patrol'. I have not been able to find any websites devoted to Jay, if you know of one please shoot me an email. There is a lot of info and pics of Jay at this great 'Neighbours' site HERE: