Sunday, September 29, 2013

Prematurely Grey

The net was a buzz a few weeks ago with the news actor Charlie Hunnam was cast in the role of Christian Grey in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades Of Grey. Many people don't seem to think Hunnam is right for the role, but my guess is many of them only know the actor from his role on Sons Of Anarchy.

I was a little surprised too, not that Hunnam was offered the role, but that he took it. The first time I profiled the young actor on the blog, there were not tats, the hair was blonde and Hunnam was most famous for his turn as Nathan on the UK version of Queer As Folk. Nathan was the 'Justin' role and I much preferred the incredible Hunnam over the Randy Harrison in the US version. I have not read Fifty Shades Of Grey but I know Hunnam can play anything, so will do this role justice.

Sons of Anarchy

With the books rise and oversaturation in the media and within pop culture, it had me wondering why Hunnam would want to be apart of something, although sure to be high profile, seems doomed to be mega mainstream with almost an impossible task of living up to what was the unexpected within the novel. Those who go to this movie, maybe much like those who headed to the big screen versions of Sex & The City, know what to expect which in many ways is sure to lead to disappointment.

Don't need a reason to revisit some of Charlie's hottest moments from QAF:

Queer As Folk (1999-2000)

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