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Favorite Pic of the Day for 23rd

Colton by Alan Rust

Happy Birthday today May 23rd

Happy 53rd to Eric Nies!

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Eric by Barry King

Thespian Torsos

I love reading author John Grisham's novels.  I don't always enjoy watching film adaptations of Grisham's works.  I don't think I ever saw 1997's The Rainmaker, but I did read the book.  I did however, stop and watch a few minutes when it was airing a few weeks ago.

I watched enough to remind me that I'd read the book.  I also watched enough to see a quick scene with Matt Damon shirtless.   It reminded me how I lusted after Mr. Damon in the 1990's.  Starting with Mystic Pizza and School Ties through his roles in Rounders, Good Will Hunting, Saving Private Ryan and of course, The Talented Mr. Ripley.  The 1990's really were peak Damon film viewing.

Bruce Boxleitner in Sixpack Annie

'Busty, blonde and beautiful, Six-Pack Annie seeks to help her Aunt Tess raise $5,000 for the family trying to find a rich daddy.'

For some reason, I wasn't a huge fan of actor Bruce Boxleitner when I was growing up. I remember him on television when I was a kid, but like Tom Selleck, Don Johnson and so many other eighties hunks, my appreciation for their 'talents' only emerged when I got older. 

In the case of Boxleitner, it arose when seeing his beefy behind in clips from two of films.  We saw Bruce's backside in 1992's Double Jeopardy and here, in his feature film debut in 1975's Sixpack Annie.  I was reminded of Boxleitner's booty when I saw my old Actors and Skin feature when I recently used my 2017 May 11th posts for the site's flashback.

I noticed however, that the video was missing as Youtube deleted my account due to my pesky posting of male nude scenes from movies.  Since then, I've been directly uploading them to the blog so they don't disappear as so many of the old videos had.  Since I was uploading a new clip,  I thought I add some more caps.

When the small town sheriff demands Bruce's character get out of the water, 'Bobby Joe' shyly decides he'll walk out backwards covering his goods.  Like myself, the sheriff didn't seem to mind getting a rear view.  You can download the clip on SendSpace HERE: 

Jannik Schümann: Actors & SKIN

Unlike many other actors, especially in America, the openly gay Jannik Schümann easily goes back and forth playing gay, straight and bi characters seamlessly.   Here are some of my favorite nude scenes, including his current turn in the German mini-series Disko 76.

Jannik Schümann on Instagram

Call Me Helen (2015)

I think Jannik is at his hottest in the 2017 crime drama Jugend ohne Gott. (Godless Youth)  The nudity is subtle, all in the mirrors, but the cfnm element adds an erotic edge. 

Godless Youth (2017)

Sisi (2021-2023)

Disko 76

'Young Doro escapes her marriage, discovers disco world. Opens secret disco with brother. Falls for dancer Robert. When she secretly opens a disco with her brother, a risky double life begins.'