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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 27th


Happy Birthday today April 27th

Happy 52nd to actor David Lascher!

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I believe David's only nude scene was in 1997's A Call To Remember.  It's a difficult film to find, but thanks to xyzpdq, we have a clip!

Crutch Crush

Something so hot about a hot guy in a cast or on crutches.  It's the vulnerability, and maybe that need a little assistance with their next sponge bath.

Holding The Man

'The warm, funny and achingly sad story of the 15-year-long love affair between Timothy Conigrave and the boy he fell in love with at high school, John Caleo.'

Although the Australian film came out in 2015, I just discovered, then quickly watched. the beautifully poignant, Holding The Man.  The romantic drama was adapted from Timothy Conigrave's 1995 memoir of the same name.  Directed by Neil Armfield, it stars Ryan Coor as Timothy and Craig Stott as John. Also appearing in the film were actors;  Guy Pearce, Anthony LaPaglia, Sarah Snook, Kerry Fox and Geoffrey Rush. 

The screenplay was written by Tommy Murphy who also adapted the memoir for the stage play.  Given the subject matter, AIDS in the 1980's, there are many sad and emotionally moving moments.  All great drama's however, need a lightness, scenes to break the heaviness of the main, driving story.

Often, the light scenes involve a little male nudity. In Holding The Man, we get the two main characters, along with three of their friends, (one reluctantly), stripping down for a late night streak down one of the town's main streets.  Stott previously appeared nude in 2008's East of Everything, but I believe this was Corr's first time taking it all off.  He's since however, appeared nude in the series Bloom

As tough as the subject matter and story were, I really enjoyed Holding The Man, and the performances from the two leads, and the entire supporting cast.  Having not watched Succession, (yet), this was I think, my acting introduction to actress Sarah Snook. I certainly knew who she was however, seeing her quite a bit during this year's award season.

The Second Battle: February 1977

When Battle of the Network Stars returned for it' second edition on February 28th, 1977, the name may have been temporarily changed, but the format was basically the same.  Many faces, and hot television bodies also returned, like regular Robert Conrad, (above) who always did a impressive job with filling out his speedo.

NBC Team:
Robert Conrad (captain) Elizabeth Allen, Lynda Day George, Carl Franklin, Karen Grassle, Dan Haggerty, Art Hindle, Kurt Russell, Jane Seymour and W. K. Stratton

ABC Team:
Gabe Kaplan, (captain) LeVar Burton, Darleen Carr, Richard Hatch, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs .Ron Howard, Hal Linden, Kristy McNichol, Penny Marshall and Jaclyn Smith 

I only really know Sonny Bono because of Cher. I think I first saw him was in the late seventies when he and Cher reunited and sang together on The David Letterman Show.  Nice to see he brough Chaz, (above) along for support. 

CBS Team:
Telly Savalas, (captain) Sonny Bono, Kevin Dobson, Mike Farrell, David Groh, Linda Lavin, Lee Meriwether, Rob Reiner, Loretta Swit and Marcia Wallace

Kurt Russell

When I started this series earlier this year, (The First Battle) I don't think I initially realized how much research was going to be required.  I had plenty of shots already on the site of hot celebrities in their speedos from their time on the ABC reality sports show.  I don't think I got it however, how many editions there were, and how difficult it would be to find good images from the shows first few years.

Dan Haggerty & Conrad 

When the show began in the late 70's, few people had VCR's in their homes to record, and not many people had scanners, to scan the images that popped up in magazines.  Thankfully, with a little digging, I've been able to find images of most of the male contestants.  For some, like Robert Conrad, who appeared multiple times, I can't be sure every image is from the correct year, but I've done my best to match images with each specific airing of the season.

Hal Linden giving Kristy McNichol a hand.

It was nice to see Ron Howard return, but sadly again, we didn't get to see Richie Cunningham in a speedo.  I was surprised with some of the competitors, I didn't know that Rob Reiner and Kurt Russell appeared in this second episode.  I also love some Art Hindle, and also didn't know the Canadian actor appeared on the show.  Most surprisingly, I didn't know Grizzly Adams, (Dan Haggerty) would look so hot in a speedo!

LeVar Burton & Russell


Burton giving Richard Hatch a hand

Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs

Art Hindle

Linden and Mike Farrell in the dunk tank