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Favorite Pic of the Day for May 1st

Mickey by Shax Carter
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Spring Cleaning!

Running Mates:

They say you should run like there's a hot guy in front of you, and a creepy one behind you.  All of these running mates, would definitely be in front!  The shot above, of actor Paul Mescal, popped up on my Twitter time-line a few times last week, so did an image below of Patrick Wilson, also running shirtless.

Could just be the turn of the calendar from April to May that prompted the shirtless shots to appear.  Serious runners, run all year long, but those not so serious runners, like me, tend to head out more in the spring and fall.  It's far too dangerous where I live to run very much in the winter, the sidewalks are usually covered in ice.  It's far to muggy, at least for me, to run during the summer.

Scott Eastwood

In the spring and fall however, especially early in the morning, or late into the evening, the conditions are perfect for a run.  I usually run along a path, that on the right day, means running past cows, many, who look up, and seem to enjoy the person flying by.  Ok, flying may be pushing it, especially after about 20 minutes, but with cows as your audience, it's ok to improvise. 

Ryan Phillippe

Wells Adams

Charlie Hunnam and Garrett Hedlund

Blast From The Past: Paul Carafotes

Last month, while looking for images of actor Ted Shackelford in his tiny speedo, (HERE:) I came across an Instagram page for the Prime time soap Knots Landing.  I watched some of the shows early seasons on-line and on DVD, but never saw any of the shows later seasons.  

Although I never saw him on the show,  I was reminded from by some of the images on the page, that actor Paul Carafotes also appeared on the show for a couple of seasons in the late 1980's.  I really hope the soap gets a streaming release at some point, I'd love to see Paul on the show, as well as more of some of his co-stars like Pat Peterson & Brian Austin Green. (below)

I did however know Carafotes from a few of his other projects, including his turn as Salvucci in 1983's All The Right Moves.  I remember first seeing the football film when I was about 10 or 11 in the late 80's.  It was one of my older brothers choices at the video store, and one I don't think I was initially very happy about.

Friday evenings were never fun when my family hit the video stores.  Even before Blockbuster, family trips to the video store were not fun.  Some were new, locally owned stores, others, like I'm sure many of you remember, were just one wall of VHS boxes at the back of a corner store or grocery mart.  Even when there was just one wall of movies, my siblings and I never made it easy on my dad, who usually got the sucky job of taking us.

My attitude at my brother's movie choice changed, when I realized that Tom Cruise had a 'quick or you'll miss it' frontal in the film. That scene, with actress Lea Thompson unbuttoning Tom's jeans, then sliding them down, (HERE:) was one I re-watched many, many times!  There were many movies that I had to pretend I wasn't interested in, only to sneak down to the rec room later, when no one was around, and re-watch moments of male skin.

Although Carafotes wasn't nude in the film, or in any film that I could find, there was still a memorable moment of male skin.  I'd forgotten how hot Carafotes looked, wet from taking a shower, standing in just a towel with his coach, played by actor Craig. T. Nelson.  Since I have the movie on DVD, I had to pull it out and make a few caps. 

Carafotes looked as hot as I remembered, with his glistening wet skin and oh so lickable nipples.  Re-watching a bit of the movie however, also reminded me how cringe worthy so many of those films from the 1980's could be.  I also didn't remember how much the movie relied on green screen. (aka blue screen in the 80's)  I also forgot that scene in the locker room with Cruise trying to bust a move with his black teammates.   Even for the 80's, that was a cringe worthy scene. 

Still, it was nice being reminded of how hot Carafotes was, and a few of the films scenes.  Although he still acts, including a recent stint on Mindhunter on Netflix,  Carafotes spends a lot of his time these days writing.  In addition to winning an LA Critics Award for writing the play 'Beyond The Ring', Carafotes was also inspired to write a series of children's books after the birth of his son. 

All The Right Moves

Intimate Portraits: Mickey by Shax Carter

'When I happen across a model that I enjoy working, I try to make them the focus of my independent work for a period of time.'

If you've followed my previous pieces spotlighting the work of photographer Shax Carter, you know he creates an intimate portrait of each of the models that he shoots.  Many photographers capture intimate moments, but Shax goes beyond just moments, capturing a more raw and in-depth depictions of not just a model, but a man.

We've all experienced meeting and interacting with someone for just a few hours.  For that period of time, if we're lucky, we uncover the first layer of a person.  The exterior layer, the layer they prepare for the pubic, for strangers, and those not intimate insiders within their lives.  This outer layer is well-crafted and practiced to deal with almost any and everyone they encounter.  

By shooting models multiple times, over longer time span, a deeper relationship is formed between the artist and subject. Shax is able to peal beyond the surface and skin, capturing layers beneath, layers magnified beyond what's usually visible by the naked eye.  I've previously featured several models that Shax has spotlighted with his eye on a more raw and intimate portrait. some of you may remember my pieces on models; Atlas, (HERE) Nicko, (HERE:) and Jason. (HERE: & HERE:)

My recurrent use of the word raw is intentional.  It not only applies to the images captured, but to the men Shax chooses to shoot as well.  Most of the models Shax works with, including Mickey featured here, are new to modeling.  This experiences means their presentation and poses are not artificial or rehearsed.  There's an organic quality to their visual presentation, one created by their newness to modeling, and their first time posing nude. 

'Mickey was 21, and brand new to modeling, although he said that he had wanted to try it out for a long time.  We met in Washington, for an afternoon introductory photo shoot.  Mickey was an absolute pleasure to work with.'

Because of the multiple shoots, and locations and scenarios shot, Shax usually ends up with hundreds of images from his work with one model.  This motivated Shax to begin creating photo books, chronicling his work, and modeling journey of the model in focus.  Shax has created two books featuring his work with Mickey, these images being from the first volume, and their first shoots together.

In addition to capturing visuals, Mickey's book also completes the intimate portrait, by also capturing Mickey's thoughts on the shooting process, and other details of his life and sexual awakening.  In the first volume, Mickey not only shares his motivation for giving modeling a try, but as well, his early sexual awakening, his first sexual experience, and his relationships with women, as well exploring his bi-curiosity.

I mean I enjoyed it, but I didn't see me going further into a relationship with him.  The farthest that I went with him was makin out, and I enjoyed that part, that wasn't bad, um, but we never did get into the intercourse, cause we didn't stay together that long.

You can preview more of the over 120 plus pages of Mickey One, Shax's first book spotlighting his work with Mickey on Blurb HERE:  You can also check back later this week for more images of Mickey and a preview of book two.