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I haven't seen Challengers yet.  We planned on going this past Saturday, but by the time we were ready to leave, it was too late.  I live in a small town, and had forgotten the last showtimes at our local theatre is 7pm.  They only do a 9pm showing during the summer.  I do love all of the cast members and have been looking forward to seeing it since seeing the trailer a couple of months ago.


The trailer however, wasn't the biggest motivator to see the flick, nor was all the buzz over the Churro scene.  One of the most inviting incentives, brining on my own coming attraction, were these images of the cast by artist. Alessio Bolzoni.  


I first saw the shots thanks to Boy Culture, but then had to head Bolzoni's Instagram to see more. I love all of the cast, but Zendaya, Mike Faist and Josh O'Connor never looked hotter than sweating on the sidelines in these shots from Bolzoni. 


Remembering David Gail

Some readers might remember from some of my previous posts, that I occasionally catch old repeats of Murder She Wrote on one of my retro channels.  My parents used to watch the show when I was younger and although I remember it,  I was a little too young to really watch or enjoy it's original run.

Last week, I caught part of an episode from the show's nineth season.  Early into the episode, titled Love's Deadly Desire, a hot dark, curly headed hunk appeared on-screen.  I knew the face, but had to check IMDB to find the name.  Many of you may already know who the actor is, but I needed a reminder the hottie was actor David Gail.

David was a fixture on television in the 90's and 2000's and I remember him vividly from his time as Brenda's almost husband, Stuart Carson on season 4 of Beverly Hills 90210.   I should have known his handsome face right away.  Although I didn't watch either show, many might also know Gail from his turns on the prime-time soap Savannah and the daytime soap Port Charles

What I didn't know however, was that sadly Gail died earlier this year at just 58 years old.  When I decided to post about Gail, I was shocked when I began to research and read about his death.  Gail's career seemed to have stalled in the late 2010's, with his last acting role being in 2008.  I remember him as a really good actor, with not only a great look and a handsome face, but also a really strong screen presence.  

Murder She Wrote (1993)

Gail with Diego Serrano 

Next 4 Images by Barry King

Sadly, we won't get to see all the roles he might have played had he not left us so early. Gail had one nude scene in a film that I've actually featured before.  I'm a little sheepish to admit that I never realized it was Gail, or credited when I used clips in the past.  I'm going to go back now and rectify that!

The caps were from the 2002 drama Bending All The Rules.  I featured caps of the scene in posts spotlighting Gail's co-star Bradley Cooper.  I was so focused on Cooper, and the two beautiful butts in the scene, I didn't pay enough attention to Cooper's co-star in the scene.  I think in part it was Gail's shorter hair, but I still feel guilty for not crediting him until now.   R.I.P Mr. Gail

Bending The Rules (2002)

An ambitious woman with an odd upbringing struggles to find herself amidst juggling two guys she's dating. Even though both guys know about each other and are complete opposites, jealousy begins to boil over as convivial antics break out between the two. Tough decisions will be made when growing up the hard way.

Bodies Of Water: Cole by StudioMGphotography

'I hadn't planned the day to all be about water, but it accidentally made for a theme!'

FH readers know how much I love erotogenic environmentals, images in which the male form is shot not just on location, but within it.  Images where both the artist and model not only interact with their surroundings, but where the model and location, skin and sand and man and nature are entwined together.  One of the best artists at capturing this breathtaking blends is Mark from StudioMGphotography,  

I've been featuring Mark's work for over a decade and am always excited when he has new work to share.  I think the reason I get so excited is because I can see that Mark remains excited and enthusiastic about new shoots and working with new models.  One of the models that Mark recently worked with is the gorgeous Cole Harris.  Although Cole has just a few shoots under his belt, he's a natural in front of the camera.  In addition to being incredibly hot, Cole is also incredibly engaging in front o the camera. Cole's lean body and great glutes are in focus, it was his handsome face and beautiful eyes that had me wanting to see and learn more. 

Cole lives in Reno but was driving to the Bay Area for some music events and set some time aside to shoot with Mark.  Cole and Mark managed to squeeze in two shoots during Cole's trip and these images are from their second creative collaboration.  Some of you may have seen the results of their first shoot in Eroticco Mag, and if you didn't, you can check them out HERE:  

This second shoot started out by the pool, which Mark shares that although tempting, was still a little cool to jump into. From there, they headed to small bayside boat dock, and then north to the beach to shoot at sunset.  After seeing the series Mark sent on, I got in touch with Cole who generously shared his comments about the shoot, and his recent experiences since entering the world of nude modeling.

What first brought you to modeling? 
I had been told to model by a lot of my friends. I decided to pick up modeling as one of my New Year's goals for 2024. I exceeded all of my goals in 2022 and 2023, so I am bound to crush my 2024 goals. When was your first shoot? My first shoot was Superbowl weekend 2024. February 10, 2024 with JWX Photo

Was nude modeling always part of the plan? 
Yes. I do want to venture out and try other forms of modeling, too. The most iconic and well known pieces of art include nudity. I want to be part of all types of art, so posing nude is all good with me. 

I felt very comfortable, but it was new. I didn't think my first photoshoot would be me nude. I remember feeling empowered after seeing the finished photos. 

Any reservations or factors you had to deal with before doing your first shoot? 
Leading up to the shoot, I told nobody. I kept my family and friends in the dark just in case the shoot fell through. I would have been embarrassed if the shoot fell through after telling everyone I was driving four hours to model. My biggest reservation was the photos looking tacky. If I am going to be nude, it has to be tasteful. Thankfully, JWX Photo knew what he was doing. 

How did I connect with Mark? 
We connected through Instagram. My friend Nick shot with him, so I saw Mark's content sometime before we talked. I followed Mark's Instagram maybe in November 2023 and started commenting on his incredible work. 

What was it about his work that you liked before the shoot? 
I love how he captures models moving through settings. I am new to modeling, so the idea of getting instructions from the environment on how to pose or move seemed helpful to me. Mark, also, does a fantastic job of capturing symmetry and color contrast between background and model. 

What stood out to you about the experience?
We work very well together because we are focused. We shoot for hours and try different things that we both want to try. I fell out of a tree into poison oak the first time we collaborated. Within minutes we were inside, I rubbed an ointment on my feet, washed it off, then we went right back outside and shot until the sun began to set. 

What was your favorite part about working with Mark: 
Shooting with Mark is so much fun! Genuinely, both times we collaborated, about every twenty minutes I would stop and say how lucky we are to be outside in the mountains or by the water working on a project we both believe in. I don't get to roll around in sand, scale cliffs, or pretend to be a pool boy every day. 

Your first shoot was featured in Eroticco mag. What was the best part about that?
Seeing thousands of people enjoy the work made me feel so fulfilled. The best part was that I put my mind to something then did the dang thing. Understanding light and having an idea of what to do when there is a camera in my face were definitely two things that stood out to me. 

These images are from your second shoot with Mark, was it easier the second time?
It was easier. We had hours of experience together to fall on from the first shoot. Being that I am new to modeling, every minute of exposure I get in front of the camera makes me exponentially better at modeling. This time around, I felt more confident, I was quicker to react to Mark's cues, and my understanding of angles gave more opportunities for Mark to capture more

If you could create the theme for a future shoot, what would your ideal scenario be? 
My ideal scenario would include the summertime, some speedos, and a sailboat. I like the way my skin glows bronze in the summer. I can picture myself working the boat, catching the sunlight, diving into the sea, then shaking the water out of my curly hair. It would be such a dream.

'Cole is an outright delight to get creative with. He's full of ideas, loves movement, has an exuberant and creative personality, isn't the least bit shy, and it damn good looking too.  I'm daydreaming about a 3rd collaboration if I can lure him back across state lines again... '