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Favorite Pic of the Day for May 7th

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Happy Birthday today May 7th

Happy 32nd to actor Alexander Ludwig!

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Ludwig in Heels (Thanks to xyzpdq for the video)

At the Ballet

You can't beat a dancer's derriere!  Check out my previous post on dancer Tylor Bradshaw HERE:

Raza Jaffrey in The Serpent Queen

Although he's been working professionally since the late 1990's, British actor Raza Jaffrey first caught my eye when he played Dev Sundaram, Katharine McPhee's boyfriend, in season one of the NBC musical drama Smash.  Unfortunately the show didn't really utilize Raza and his considerable talents, and the character was written out at the end of the first season.

Raza wasn't out of work for long, and wise producers of other shows quickly scooped him up. In 2022, Raza joined the Starz historical drama The Serpent Queen as Francois.  The Serpent Queen featured, I believe, Raza's first and only nude scene. 

The Serpent Queen

Nothing like a long, relaxing sponge bath, with a hot male attendant washing your back.  Things can take a left turn quickly though, when mommy comes in wanting her turn with the sponge.

Down From The Tree: Seth Peterson by Michael von Redlich

'In addition to Seth being an amazing physical model to photograph, he has a very quiet peace about him.'

That 'quiet peace' that photographer Michael von Redlich describes is evident in all of the images Michael and Seth Peterson created together. Under the brilliant blue sky that illuminated the shoot,
Seth shows a respect for natural beauty around him, and even with touch and in movement, he mirrors the serenity of his surroundings.

'For the entire shoot at Sycamore Creek, Seth was open to new and different perspectives. He’s very collaborative and is absolutely a partner in the photo process. He’s also become a very good friend.'
Michael von Redlich 

As you can see from this series, the majestic tree that Seth is posing with is more than just background, but a partner in focus.  One of my favorite parts of the shoot was viewing the many ways Michael and Seth utilized the natural beauty of the tree and the many angles and views Michael captured. 

As the saying goes however, what goes up, must come down and eventually Seth descended from the tree to pose in other areas within the Sycamore Creek locale.  As stated, Michael sent on hundreds of images, with shots of Seth in the tree, making up only a small percentage of the entire shoot.  Although I'm closing out, with a few shots of Seth on the ground, I'll share more soon in a future piece. 

I couldn't do a post on Seth Peterson however, without at least a mention of his tattoos.  I know fans of the adult actor and model, are well aware of the small arrow on Seth's chest, and the cute little turtle, on Seth's equally adorable butt.  Seth shared how he chose these body art subjects, (below) in an interview he did with The Sword

What is the meaning behind your arrow tattoo? 
It was kinda just my first tattoo and I thought it would look good. 

And the turtle on your bum? 
I got that one after reading Stephen King’s “It” because it represents God. Later I realized it can also be viewed as a caution sign to go slow when I bottom.