Friday, May 24, 2024

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 25th

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Truth or Dare?

Thespian Torsos

I've recently caught a few re-runs of The Facts of Life that have been airing on one of my retro channels.  The other day, I caught an episode from the show's last season, meaning Mrs. Garrett has left, and her sister Beverly Ann (Cloris Leachman) has taken over as Den mother to the now adult four girls.

I've always been fascinated with Cloris Leachman's career.  I know she's known to most for playing Phyllis on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, but she caught my attention when watching her films on TCM.  I especially loved her in The Last Picture Show and Young Frankenstein.  After recently seeing her as Beverly Ann, I decided to Google and see if there were others films of her I might want to see.

I found a few, but also discovered she had a son whose an actor.  Maybe I knew this before, but I never really made the connection until now.  Actor, now music producer Morgan England is maybe best known for his turn on the soap opera Guiding Light.  I've never seen even a second of the show, so didn't think I'd ever seen him on screen.

Then I made the connection.  I just watched Englund as Bombe when I was putting together my series on the play Picnic.  Englund played the role in the 1988 television production alongside Gregory Harrison and Jennifer Jason-Leigh.  Englund was even in the clip I posted, (HERE:) when I featured the production.  It's always interesting when little moments connect together.

Amateur Night!

Sometimes they're shy, other times they strut their stuff like the cat bringing a dead mouse proudly back to their owner.  Sometimes they encouraged on stage by a partner, sometimes they're helped out of their clothes by a willing host.  No matter how it happens, it's always hot to see an average hottie take it all off on amateur night.

The contests are not always that formal.  In some clubs, they have to sign up ahead of time, plan a routine, and actually put on a short show.  Other times, they're simply pulled up on stage, and encouraged to drop their denim.  Other times, audience members are pulled up together, put in a line-up, and asked to strip down for the audience.  The winner isn't always the guy with the biggest package, but the guy who gets the biggest applause. 

I especially love when the host is a drag queen, and they encourage amateur strangers to drop trou for a room full a people.  Strip clubs always embrace the themes of cfnm and cmnm, but amateur night adds an entirely new layer of eroticism.   

Helping Hands

'Oh, I wanna dance with somebody.'

Take That Pope Francis! Zach by Lights On Studio

'Zach was such an easy going person which made the session a breeze and pleasant.  He was also really talkative about his life, which made the time fly, and added to the experience.'
Tom NakielskiTom Nakielski

The first set of images you're enjoying, are from the first session.  The include the geometric props that photographer Tom Nakielski, (Lights On Studio) planed as the focus as one of the themes. As you can see,  Tom matched the vibrant colors of the shapes, by asking Zach to bring some his brightest, and most colorful shirts and pieces from his wardrobe.   I love the colors, and the bright blue backdrop, and there's sort of a retro feel to the shots that I'm not sure Tom intended. 

Although Tom has been shooting for decades, his work with Zach occurred shortly he stopped shooting 'regular' photos sessions to focus solely on physique sessions and the male form. Although Tom still struggled from time to time when it came time to asking models to disrobe, it was even more pronounced in the beginning. It was only when they were about to wrap up, Tom spoke up and asked Zach to lose his undies.  Zach just smiled, and later told Tom that he was wondering if they were ever going to get to the nudes. 

'It was only later on in my sessions did I feel comfortable asking the models to get naked. I think I was more uncomfortable than most of the models. Eventually, after a few more nude sessions, did it all seem a normal thing to do, and just part of the art and the session. '

' I blame my Catholic upbringing that made me think I was doing something sinful. I now rejoice in appreciating the beauty of the the male physique. And damn the thoughts that it was depraved to enjoy the sensuality of the male figure. So there, take that Pope Francis!'
Tom Nakielski

This shoot also occurred before I let Tom know my affinity for side, back and of course butt shots.  Tom made sure to remind me of that, when he sent on the images.  Although I love a great butt shot, Zach has such a handsome face, and a beautiful front, I'll let it pass...😉