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Favorite Pic of the Day for May 19th

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Last weekend, when I was doing my Mother's Day posts, I included a series of images from hen parties. (HERE:) Those paint and sips, booze n' brush parties where women drink wine and paint naked men.  After I posted, I got an e-mail asking if I'd zoomed in on one of the images.  I hadn't.  I'd zoomed by, not zoomed in and missed that one of the models, (above) was sporting a rather impressive erection.  Turns out, he's had a bit of practice posing at attention.  if you're at all curious to who it is, check out my post on the third page of today's posts HERE:

Late Arrival:

I was late boarding the St. David this year, and late to watching the current season of Below Deck.  Usually I look forward to it's premiere, but for some reason I missed out that it was on until a few weeks ago.  With just a couple of episodes left in the season, I've finally caught up with the drama and this seasons crop of hot deckhands. 

Kyle & Ben

This year, The St. David is sailing around Grenada and the sites are spectacular as always.  The deckhands however, have been confusing me a bit.  Last season, I crushed over Ben Willoughby, and even posted about him last year. (HERE:)  This season, Ben is annoying the shit out of me, and his attempt at being a player if falling flat.  Maybe it was just as bad last season and I didn't notice it, but it's crystal clear this season.


I should be lusting after deck hand Dylan Pierre De Villiers, he checks many of the boxes.  Beautiful to look at, has done some modeling, even posed nude for Yummyzine.  Dylan is just so odd, it's hard to get on board.  I think as hot as he is, he's a little insecure, which might account for his overly positive persona. 

The hottest deckhand for me this year has to be Kyle Stillie. I barely noticed Kyle in the first couple of episodes, but his sweet personality and hot bod quickly won me over.  Kyle also likes to be naked, a lot!  Check out some of his naked highlights on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Mike Faist in Challengers

'Faist nails the difficult role of the nice guy who is strong and loyal but might not be tough enough to withstand the wringer that the other two characters seem like they’re about to put him through.'

The quote above comes from a review of Challengers by critic Matt Zoller Seitz on Robert Ebert's site.  I posted some promotional images from the film earlier in the week (HERE:)  At the time, although I tried, I hadn't yet seen the film.  Since then, I noticed it was on demand, so was able to watch last evening.  

I really enjoyed it, especially the level of sexual tension in so many of the scenes on the court. The churro scene was a bit of a disappointment, given all the hype, but each time any combination of  the three leads were on screen together, erotic intensity ensued.  

All three main cast members, Zendaya, Mike Faist and Josh O'Connor were great, but I think it was Faist's turn as Art that really drew me in.  I'm a firm believer that with most films or television shows, there is one character that pulls you in.  There are many reasons this happens, most often because there's something about the character you identify with, even if you don't initially see it.

I thought Art, (Mike Faist) was the emotional center in the film, and the character I most identified with.  Although I'm gay, I was in a major love triangle with a woman in the center, and I wasn't always so nice when it came to the other guy in the triad.  Not only did I find Art the emotional core, I thought he was one of the only characters to show much emotion.  It wasn't that that the other actors and characters weren't emotional, but it was hidden a bit by their drive to win and their obsession with the game.

It was nice to see Faist get a chance to shine.  Although he's put some great performances on stage and in film, he's not always given his due.  Having played Riff in West Side Story, the character often gets lost in the hype.  It doesn't help that Riff is killed off at the end of the first act.  In Challengers however, he's on equal footing with his co-stars, and for me, his performance really pulled the story together.

Days of Wine and Poses: Michael Knowles by Bob Burkhardt

'Michael ALWAYS brings a sense of drama to his photos.'

One of the things I love about art is when theme and mood collide.  We've all seen shoots with themes, it might be a color, a fashion element or concept, but they don't all impact of how the shoot, and individual images are perceived and felt by the viewer.  When photographer Bob Burkhardt sent on his recent shoot with model and performer Michael Knowles, I both saw and felt the theme instantly.  

In part, it might have been because the first image I saw was the one above.  Most times we see a play the first thing we see isn't the actor, most often then not it's the set.  That first visual can set a tone, and the job of the performer, in this case Michael, is to enhance and intensify that tone, and that's exactly what Michael and Bob accomplished within this creative collaboration. 

Michael and Bob have worked together close to a half dozen times over the years.  As an actor, dancer and singer, Michael requires visuals to represent, depict and promote his art, and Bob was one of the first photographers he reached out to work with.  Bob shares that Michael always brings the drama, and as you can see instantly from this series, the strength and the power.  Michael often creates the concepts, and Bob works hard to both capture, and help bring them to life. 

'Michael is a genuinely good and kind man. Michael has also attended and been a part of several of our Body&Soul shows over the years. Any photographer would be lucky to work with him. After our first shoot, he went on to work with photographers around the world and has definitely carved a space for himself in the field. '

Michael shares that he and Bob discuss both concepts and themes before getting together.  This gives Bob time to plan location and backdrops, and work out what lighting will work best before the day of the shoot.  They want to ensure there's not one wasted minute during their time together and that the focus is on creating.  For this shoot, the backdrop and lighting, and of course those wine bottles, were all used with a very specific intent.

'The symbolism of the wine bottle is all about expression. For this shoot, when I pose or do movements it's all about the feelings of being buzzed/drunk.😄 That’s how lubricated my spirit and limbs are; whatever I feel my body starts to move.' 

We often assume that a drink, especially a glass of wine, is about relaxing and taking it easy.  I was fascinated that for Michael, it was so connected to movement.  Alcohol can relax, but as many people have experienced, it can also heighten movement, not to mention the drama.  I know I'm not the only one who has experienced dancing with more freedom when a little buzzed, and experimented with certain dance moves, that I'd never dare attempt if I'd been sober. 

An impetus for the theme might lie in part, with how Bob prepares and conducts his shoots.  Michael shares that their shoots are effortless executed and in part that might be how they begin. Given the length of their creative relationship, most shoots begin with a welcoming hug. With the goal of creating a stress free and relaxing environment to create, Bob sometimes offers Michael a glass of wine. Michael usually accepts, and feels this has helped him loosen up and become more uninhibited when the camera begins to click. 

'When Bob and I first met back in 2012/13, we immediately clicked. Bob was very kind and genuine; and still is.  Bob’s work inspired me to be more comfortable and confident in my own skin. I had lost over 160lbs back then so I still had excess skin.  Despite that, Bob made me confident to realize that it was a celebration and it was time to embark my journey as a model. '

What, if any are your boundaries for a shoot? 
There were no boundaries, that’s how comfortable I was, everything was considered pure art. 

Do you have a favorite shot, or theme you and Bob have captured? 
My favorite shot/them was the “dark angel” concept; that was taken back in 2015 I believe and he chose one of the pictures to be featured in his Body & Soul event!; very popular and always packed with people! 

What is the best feedback you've received  about a modeling image? 
The best feedback is when a fan said, “YOU LOOK FREE, YOU LOOK HAPPY

Do you have a dream scenario for a shoot.?
My dream scenario is to be a MERMAN WITH “5” fins!!! 🧜🏽‍♂️ Which is my 2025 project!!!

As a performer, what draws you to 'center stage' 
Being in front of the camera and an audience lures me to center stage. Cause even though I’m posing in front of the camera; I’m putting on a performance for the photographer to let him/her know that I’m uninhibited, take good direction, easy to work with, and most of all, I’ll do the utmost stunts to get the best shot! 📸  I always channel my inner Michael cause a BIG chunk of my life was sheltered and hidden within a shell; so when I pose the inner artistic version of me comes out.