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Favorite Pic of the Day for May 21st

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Runway Rubberneck...

You've all seen the 'distracted boyfriend' meme, but have you seen the shots of the distracted male model on the runway?  It's not hard to see why the model did a rubberneck to get a rear view of model Ryan Tift in his tight swim suit, who wouldn't!

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Mr. Charles Crowley: Pure Spectacle

'Admirer of the absurd and the truly different.'

I often get messages with suggestions for site subjects, but sometimes it's difficult for me to follow-up with post.  Most of the pieces on the blog arise from me seeing an image, or an actor in a role that inspire me to spotlight their work.  In this case however, I didn't need much prodding.

When it was suggested I check out wrestler Mr. Charles Crowley, I think I was expecting some shots of Crowley in the ring, maybe a few hot wrestling moves, or shots with a little bulge or butt crack in his wrestling singlet.  Although those shots are out there, what drew me most to Crowley was his ginger hotness and performative proficiency. 

Crowley describes himself as the Imp of Professional Wrestling, a trickster God, a Wind-Up Merchant and Cheeky Little Bugger.  He also says he's drawn to the absurd and truly different.  The hot wrestler's self-description certainly lived up to the visuals I found.   

Crowley is in on the joke.  He knows wrestling is a show, a three ring circus of pure spectacle.  So many of  his promotional images utilize this theme, with a sexy side show vibe that entwined in both his performance in the ring, and his method of promoting it.  Even his Instagram is called The Crowley Carnival. 

Although Crowley's done many photo shoots, I couldn't find any nudes.  He does however, show a little skin in some of the self-admitted 'thirst trap' videos he posts on social media.  I wish I could have found the video with Crowley in the tub, but I think it may have been deleted.  If you know, let me know!

Free Ranging: Shane by RMark Photography

Free Ranging: Moving, or able to move, or range freely over a wide area without restriction.

FH viewers know, that I love to get comments from photographers and models when putting together a piece for the site.  One of the subjects that often comes up is about range.  It doesn't necessarily always come up directly, but the degree to which artists and models take risks is often tied to how they see themselves.

We often see images from photographers that depict every model they shoot models looking the same.  Some artists have a specific vision, and look to fit everyone who steps in front of their camera to manifest it and bring it to life.  Some models, stick to certain looks styles, reluctant, to stray far from he path.

When I was looking for comments for this piece, I was struck how both model Shane Prechtel, and Roger, from RMark Photography indirectly brought up their desire to push beyond some of the restrictions so many of us put onto ourselves and our lives.   It's certainly not just models and photographers, we all sometimes fall into seeing ourselves in a certain way.  It can also be stressful, when we're forced to push ourselves, and think of ourselves in a different way.

In many ways, this is what art is all about.  For some it's a reflection of what's there.  For others, it's the expression of what should be, or at least, what we'd like it to be.  Many of you may remember Shane from his previous appearances on the site.  Shane was one of the first models I spotlighted, when first introducing Roger's work back in 2018. (HERE:)  Even in that first post, Shane referenced change, and how modeling, and his work with Roger, played a role in changing his own self-perceptions. 

Roger and Shane continued to shoot together several times since that first shoot back in 2018.  Roger shares that beyond being kind, friendly and pleasant to work with, one of the reasons that he enjoys collaborating with Shane is because they both share a love exploring new concepts and ideas.  Roger loves that Shane doesn't shy away from exploring different emotional notes and moods, and that he doesn't shy away from some of the role-playing ideas that Roger throws his way.  

One of these concepts that some of you remember was Shane taking on several members of the Village People in a post I featured over Halloween in 2021. (HERE:)  Shane says that looking back, those first shoots with Roger seem so long ago, but both see's and values the growth he's experienced over the years, and over their multiple shoots together. Both also say that's exploring new ideas and themes that motivates their continued work together.

You said your work with Roger helped you feel more comfortable, has this continued?
Yes, big thanks to Roger, I have continued to grow even more comfortable in my own skin, and now I rarely have any problems getting out of clothing, whether at home or in social settings. 

You've since with many other photographers, what have been some of the highlights? 
Oh gosh, there are several and I won’t be able to list all of them. But first, Tom Calloway is so majestic with his work and the pics we took not only outdoors but using a hotel room came out incredibly well. Ben aka @modelphotographer02 captured some great sensual shots of me and my friend Steve that ended up being featured in a magazine. NightOwls took what Roger taught me about feeling so at ease while nude and took it to new levels I couldn’t have thought of on my own. And of course, I have to give a big shoutout to Eric Brown and his creativity in finding abandoned places to provide a unique portfolio.

What has been the best feedback you've received from a follower or fan of your work? 
The best feedback I have received may be from the photographers always sharing with me how I seem to be a natural in front of the camera and willing to get creative while we work. Hearing those words makes me feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be in that moment and doing something I should be doing.

You seem to be pushing boundaries more with some of your work, was this a deliberate decision?
Yes that was deliberate. I believe in life, you have to keep trying to see what else you are capable of and constantly evolving into a braver, bolder version of who you were before. You can certainly enjoy where you are and where you’ve come from for the moment, but you still gotta keep moving forward.

I know I’m comfortable with artistic and sensual shoots. I feel ready to see what else there is to explore, with proper guidance.

You've worked with Roger multiple times over the year, what draws you back? 
Roger always makes me feel at ease and he always has new ideas for us to try out with every shoot. He always asks if I’m comfortable, which is a given yes, and knows how to talk to me to get me to move and pose how he wants for the photos.

Has your creative relationship with Roger changed? 
I’d say our creative relationship is strong because working together is always a good time we both look forward to doing again whenever our schedules allow

Do you have a favorite theme you've explored with Roger? 
I would say the shots where I am standing like a statue because it really shows off the progress I’ve made in my physical training over the years and I’m proud of it

If you could create your own scenario for a dream shoot, what would it be?
I would say my dream shoot would involve me portraying various creatures and characters like an angel, merman, island castaway, ancient Greece, etc. To portray different personas I have fantasized about being and have them captured on film would be a dream come true.