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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 30th


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A Torontonian Tush

Moon Over Canuckistan 🍁


Beyond hockey, the beaver and the maple leaf, like almost every country, the flag is one of Canada's most iconic visuals and symbols of the country.   The reason for the maple leaf is fairly obvious. The choice of red and white as the countries official colors is not quite as clear. 

 Some say they were chosen for Canada by King George V, others say the red represents Canada's colorful autumn, the white, the snowy winters.   Some historians argue the red comes from the countries association with England, and the white from it's connection with France.


Regardless of it's origins, it wouldn't be Canada Day on FH without a couple of hot Canadians draping their naked bodies with the National flag of Canada.  I've been following Mitchell Evan on Instagram for awhile now, and love that he and his finance Jordan often celebrate holidays and special occasions with a moon, a flash and a cheek sneak.  Whether on the beach, in the snow, or in front of the Hollywood sign, these two Canadians always always find a reason to drop trou and celebrate!

Double Double: The Dennis Brothers

Discovery: Twins
October 2003 
Dual Action: Jodey & Corey
Photography: Greg Weiner

Every Canada Day, I try to find a Playgirl layout spotlighting those oh so tempting Canadian men.  The Magazine did several layouts featuring Canadian models, strippers and centerfolds over the years, which you can check out in the links below.  This year, I couldn't find a specific 'Canadian' pictorial, but I did find a set of hot twins from Ontario from the magazine's October 2003 issue.

Both brothers say it's a thick, juicy steak that makes their mouth water.  But with matching curly brown locks and beautiful baby blues, it's more than their fresh faces that makes us Playgirls hungry.


This muscular hunk is as adventurous as he is sexy.  While his twin loves to action in LA, it's Mexico that gets Corey hot.  Corey finds making love outdoors to be the ultimate sexual fantasy.

To sang this sexy stud, don't be shy and wait for him to make the first move.  If you want to wrap your arms around Corey's beautiful body, he's looking for someone aggressive to fulfill all of his fantasies. 


Jodey's a self-proclaimed 'ass-man', so a beautiful booty will have this hunk fantasizing over you.

This muscle hunk for our Northern Neighborhood certainly has a fine physique.  Good thing both him and his twin, Corey, think touch is the most sensuous of the sense.

Donald Sutherland in Don't Look Now

'The Most Harrowing Experience That You May Ever Endure'

After reading about the death of Donald Sutherland, I wanted to watch one of his films.  Although I've seen, and have many favorite Sutherland performances, I wanted to watch a film I hadn't previously seen.  Turns out the choice was easy.  In the many tributes that read, his performance in 1973's Don't Look Now continued to pop-up.  The film, and Sutherland's performance. were frequently called 'haunting', so my choice was easily made.

I didn't necessarily plan it, but Don't Look Now also features Sutherland's first, and hottest on-screen nude scene. Although the actor briefly showed his butt in Animal House, (1978) and Space Cowboys, (2000), neither scene compares to the extended nude scene in Don't Look Now.

Although the film includes an extended sex scene with Julie Christie, I preferred the scene that preceded it, with Sutherland coming out of the shower.  I read a few reviews from the films original release which discusses how shocking it was to see a male full frontal in the tense triller.  The fontal is mostly cropped in the current release, but you see a 'bit' more in the original VHS release.  Thanks to xyzpdq from Scenes From Male Skin, you can see a few seconds of the original release below in the gif below.

The HD clip below, features the shower scene and the beginning of the sexy scene.  The sex scene goes on for several more minutes, mostly in cuts with other scenes.  It is an intense love scene, but again, you see more of Donald in the scenes that precede it.  I like Donald's longer, curly hair and I'm glad there's a film which documents the actor's long, lean and naked body.  Sutherland was known for his roles as he should be.  He also however, must have worked ha to maintain his lean physique throughout most of his career.  

As for the film, 'haunting' was a great descriptor.   Director Nicolas Roeg sets the tone in the films tragic opening scenes. The music, the use of red and the quick cuts pull you quickly in.  I don't think it's a spoiler to share that the films beings with the death of a married couple's (Sutherland, Christie) daughter.  

The remainder of the film is a tense thriller involving two elderly sisters, one of whom is psychic and brings a warning from beyond.  I had to watch the ending a few times, and still not sure I fully understood what happened, but I was glued to screen for the entire length of the film.  I love a psychological thriller, I think many film lovers do, and they don't make them nearly as often, or as good, as they used to.

But the heart of the film is the couple’s shared grief, and the tricks of the mind that it plays on them. The quick-cut editing blurs past, present, and future, with flashes of unsettling imagery: a bicycle running over a pane of glass, a blob of red paint enveloping a photograph of a church. 

The film has an itchy grasp on the uncanny, much like other breakthrough thrillers of its day, among them “Rosemary’s Baby” and “The Exorcist.” But neither of those movies boasts a four-and-a-half-minute sex scene so jarringly real-looking that it was rumored to be unsimulated. (Sutherland has insisted that it was staged.) 
The New Yorker

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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 29th

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Seasonal Sightings:


'We built the boxer brief with a "Mansack" to separate the boys from your thighs.'

I don't know if anyone else has seen the ads for ManMade, the underwear brand created by four friends from Montreal, but I find them incredibly hot.  The guys are not models, yet these four average guys look incredibly hot in their briefs. They are the perfect guys, in the peerfect visuals to move plenty of briefs off the shelves. 

We’re 4 best friends that left our careers in the financial industry to find a solution for bad underwear days. We searched far and wide for a comfortable pair of boxer briefs and didn't find a pair we were happy with.

So, with no experience or skills in apparel design or manufacturing, we set off on a 10-month journey of re-inventing men's underwear with an unprecedented approach: a simple yet functional design with highest quality materials, at a reasonable price.

'Four good friends having a good time, providing crotch comfort at the same time'

Daniel Maguire: The Canadian Contestant

'I have a shit personality, the only thing going for me is my abs.'

Although many people assume that Maple Leaf tree's have acorns, they actually produce samaras.  Samaras are winged seeds, and I'm guessing almost every one reading at one time as a kid, picked up a opened up the wings, felt the sticky inside, and then put it on your nose.

You can often find squirrels stretching and balancing on the trees to reach them for a snack. Cardinals, grosbeaks, and some finches and chipmunks also enjoy these maple treats.  Why mention samaras in this post featuring a hottie wearing a Canadian flag speedo, well because like the plump package the maple leaf if covering, both make for a sweet and tasty treat.

Some of you might recognize Canadian model, fitness coach and reality star Daniel Maguire. Maguire was featured on all three show in The Bachelor franchise including;  The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. .

Although eliminated early in the third season of Bachelor in Paradise, Maguire returned for the 4th season and went on to win that season.  If you watched the show, you know the Canadian hottie had not trouble at all spending time in his Canadian speedos, and in the quote below, shares why..

' Why have a lambo if you park it in the garage?'

I've never seen any shows in The Bachelor franchise, but I do love a hottie with a maple leaf framing their junk.  Although Maguire doesn't come off as especially modest in his interviews, he does look exceptionally hot with maple syrup dripping over his body...