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Family Matters...

Father's day can be a difficult day for man.  Those who've lost their father, those with absent or abusive dads.  Those with father's never able to show emotion or able to say that they loved you.  More than ever, with all the pain in the world, most of it from the actions of men, that we celebrate men who lift us up.  Fathers, step-fathers, mentors, teachers and sexual scholars.  

Most of us know, that fatherhood has nothing to do with the men whose sperm was lucky enough to find, and then fuse with an egg's plasma membrane. Fathers are the men who are there for us.  The men that teach us, the men we look up to and the men who care, love and guide us. The men who don't abandon us, especially during the times we push them away, yet need them the most.


Who's Dat Daddy?

When I first saw his picture, I certainly wanted to know.  If you're as curious as I was, check out the NEXT PAGE HERE:

The Skarsgård's: A Nudity Dynasty

'I never help my kids and I never encourage them and I never give them any advice.'
Stellan SkarsgÃ¥rd

I'm not sure there's a better example of a nude scene dynasty than the SkarsgÃ¥rd's.  Stellan SkarsgÃ¥rd and his first wife My had six children together; Alexander (born 1976), Gustaf (born 1980), Sam (born 1982), Bill (born 1990), Eija (born 1992), and Valter (born 1995). All of the SkarsgÃ¥rd children have tried their hand at acting, but Sam ended up following his mother's footsteps into medicine and is a doctor.

As the family's father and patriarch, Stellan began the family's tradition of appearing nude on screen in the late 1980's.  Each of his four actor sons have since followed that tradition.  At least two of them have  also appeared full frontal, just as their father has done in several of his films.

Stellan, Alexander, Gustaf, Bill and Valter

Many know Stellan, Alexander and Bill, but Gustaf and Valter may not be as well known.  You can check out all of the family jewels, from Daddy Stellan down to Valter, the baby of the family, on FH HERE:

Alexander, Sam, Gustaf, Eija, Valter and Bill

Label Shaper: Ryan St. Michael by TR Pics

'My personal definition of a daddy is someone that's in control - but he's kind and considerate - he wants to really take care of his boy to ensure that he's comfortable and fully satisfied.'
Ryan St. Michael

Every year on Father's Day I spotlight hot dad's.  Models, actors and men who are actual fathers, father figures, DILF's and of course, hot Daddies.  Almost every year, I also get an e-mail or comment from someone uncomfortable with the use of the word 'daddy'.  I think the issue isn't so much the word, but the label or stereotyping of gay men.

I understand that completely.  I  usually hate and reject most stereotypes and labels.  As a psychologist, I've seen the lasting damage labels can inflict, especially on young people.  I also know that labels can be positive and incredibly powerful.  The difference between being damaging and powerful really pretty simple, it's not about the label, but the labeler.  

Though out history, people have always felt the need to label others, especially people they consider 'others'.  The power has come when those being labeled take control over the narrative, using words that empower them to label themselves. After decades of being called 'faggots', 'homos', 'dykes' , 'trannie's' and 'sissies', the LBGTQ communality took back the narrative, empowering themselves with their own glossary of labels, including  the term 'daddy'. 

New York Magazine tells sus the term 'Daddy' was first used in the gay community in the 1940's.  It really took off  however in the 1970's, especially in adult films, to describe a dominate leather daddy.  Today however, the word is more generalized and used to describe any man, wither gay or straight, involved in a relationship with someone younger.

My personal experience with daddy's has all been positive.  As I've shared many times before, I came out late. I was engaged to woman, and didn't end the relationship and officially come out until my mid-twenties.  A few friends knew, but kept up the act for as long as I could.  There were a lot of men around that time to acted as my 'teachers'. Some were older, some were my own age, or younger.  All made that journey from the closet easier, welcoming and a hell of a lot of fun.  I continued to gravitate towards men who are teachers. I've been out for awhile now, but there are still so many things to learn and exploring is always so better with a hot and knowledgeable guide.

Adult actor Ryan St. Michael is the perfect 'daddy' to spotlight this Father's Day weekend.  Not only does he 'play' a daddy in most of his films for Carnal and Say Uncle, he also embraces the term.  I also like that Ryan doesn't easily fit the established stereotype.  With his handsome face, youthful look, and fit lean body, Ryan isn't someone whose necessarily easy to stick a trademark on.  With that face and fashion sense, he could be on the cover of GQ or soap opera stud.  His exhibitionist side however, led him in another direction.

I had a goal to get into the best shape of my life when I turned 40. I was always a fit person - but never really tried to "have a six pack" etc. For 8 months I worked hard and was so proud of the results. Because I didn't know how long I'd stay this fit, I hired a famed Houston photographer named Evin Thayer for a sexy photoshoot. I was hooked. I found the experience to be so affirming, challenging...and to be honest, a huge turn on. 

The road to adult film work came many years later. After my experience with Evin, just for fun when I traveled, I did erotic photoshoots. I even had photographers sign a document to "not" share the photos. At the onset of 2020, after years of modeling for fun, I started a sexy IG page that took off. Then, when I divorced, I had to decide what I would do for a living. The thing I was most passionate about was content creation. I went for it.  

I launched my brand and company, Seersucker Stud, in April of 2021. I started my OnlyFans in August of that year (solo), started collaborating with other guys in March of 2022 and did my first professional studio shoot with Carnal in June of that year. It's at that time that I became "Ryan St. Michael."

I think those Seersucker suits, and Ryan's labeling himself as the 'Seersucker Stud' began his journey to becoming one of the adult film industries most popular daddies.  So many of associate suits with daddies, as they've come to represent a certain level of age and maturity.  Over the last century, regardless of class or position,  most men had to wear suits to work.  Over the last few decades however, more professions have abandoned their dress codes.

Suits can be fashionable and stylish, and they can also be uncomfortable, especially when you're sweating through them on a sweltering and humid, hot summer day.  This can make it intensely more erotic, when you finally get home, and the suits finally peeled off,.  You're finally at home, completely naked, but with someone ready with one final tempting task, before you can finally hit that shower. 

I was first introduced to Ryan's work as a model, in and out of his Seersucker Suit, through his work with Tom Rubeck from TR PICS.  Check out more of their work together, and more of Ryan's thoughts about being a 'daddy', and his work in adult films, on THE NEXT PAGE HERE:

If you've need still need a reason to join Ryan's OnlyFans, Ryan is currently offering a 50% discount to anyone who joins before midnight on Father's Day.  Check it out HERE: