Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Birthday today November 1st to:

The only birthday that really excited me today was that of Toni Collette one of my favorite actresses. My favorite of Toni's films include: The Dead Girl, and of course my favorite, Muriel's Wedding. Toni turns 39 today. To celebrate, FH takes a look back at some of her famous co-stars!

Californiation star David Duchovny co-starred with Toni in 2004's Connie and Carla.

Bruce Willis below in Color Of Night shared the screen in one of Toni'g biggest hits, The Sixth Sense in 1999.

Eric Bana, below in Time Travelers Wife and Toni both supply their voices to last years Mary and Max.

Below: Toni's Velvet Goldmine co-star Ewan McGregor.

Hugh Dancy, below in Tempo shared the credits in 2007's Evening.

John Corbett plays Toni's husband in United States of Tara, but the scene below is from Baby On Board.

Richard Burgi (below in Nip/Tuck) briefly romanced Toni in 1995's In Her Shoes.

Sam Worthington, shown below in Somersault shared the screen with Toni in Dirty Deeds from 2002.

Muriel's Wedding
Sorry Mamma Mia (which I have yet to watch all the way through...) the #1 use of ABBA's music in a soundtrack is 1994's Muriel's Wedding in which both Toni and Rachel Griffiths turn in truly inspiring performances.

(yes...this was from my 2010 post, but got to admit, Toni worked some great men of the movies!)

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