Thursday, April 9, 2009

Also Celebrating today April 9th

Happy Bithday today April 9th to:

Jesse McCartney turns 22 today.

Austin Peck turns 38 today.

Actor, model and filmaker Paul Lekakis turns 43 today.

One of my favorite actors, Dennis Quaid turns 55 today.


dp said...

Hi Blogger! I know you posted this page three years ago, but I'm hoping you'll get this message. I do see that you have recent entries, and I'm looking forward to reading your blog.

My question is: What was the event of the pictures you have of Dennis Quaid? I just watched Dreamscape and didn't see those last few. Did I miss it? Also, I love your pics of Paul Lekakis! I had such a crush on him, and actually got into a fight with one of my ex's over going to see him perform at a club back in the 90's. Thanks!

Tye said...


The shots of Dennis Quaid are from the movie The Big Easy.