Sunday, October 30, 2011

Canadian Carnage: Matt Eldracher by Chris Teel

Last year about this time FH, along with photographer Chris Teel, began our Model Search 2011 contest. 21 year old actor, dancer and model Matt Eldracher took the crown and results of his shoot with Chris were presented this past April (HERE:& HERE:). 

Matt was a favorite with voters for many obvious reasons, great personality and charm, lean body and adorable boy next door face. The boy next door however, is also an actor and he and Chris shot a series of images putting a morbid twist on the stereotype. Based on the mentally unstable and blood thirsty Patrick Bateman from American Psycho

Chris blended themes of addiction, depression, bloodshed and psychopathology. When I first saw the images from the Toronto shoot I was worried they may be a bit graphic for FH. The shoot however has stayed with me and the more I viewed the images the more I wanted to share them.

Given my love for photos which tell a story, I just needed the right occasion (alibi...). perfect! Although Patrick Bateman was the inspiration for the shoot, Chris Teel tells me there was another public figure who provided some motivation. There was a certain Hollywood celebrity experiencing a very public meltdown this past spring. 

Although the celebrity appears to have  now rebounded, at the time, many were predicting a more fatal end to the story. Given some of the crazy, even violent statements made, not to mention the incredible narcissism weaved through the entire story, the similarities to Bateman are not that far off. Bateman's pathological grandiosity and self involvement had him thinking nothing or no one could touch him. Tiger Blood is obviously something acquired and not necessarily genetic... 

'Matt channelled 'the actor' channelling the protagonist from American Psycho. As you can see Matt was able to draw upon his acting skills to portray a psychotic, yet sexy character.' 

Given this was one of Matt's first professional shoots and his first time shooting nude, his willingness to go with the edgy themed shoot speaks to his level of creative impulse.  Given Matt and Chris are Canadian, they decided to go a more subtle weapon of choice.  Americans may need butcher knifes and chainsaws to slice and dice their prey, but Canadians can cause the same degree of damage with just a pair of scissors.  

'I had never done anything like it before but I enjoyed the theatrics of it. I am a fan of horror myself so when Chris told me about his idea, we were all over it.'


Bobby said...

The text says this was Matt's first time posing nude. I seem to remember his amazing all-over smooth body back during the competition. Good to see things are still smooth.

Tye said...

It was the same day Bobby, back in March.

Garrison said...

very cool