Thursday, January 22, 2015

Quaternate: Frisky Frolic

Favorite Four:

If you scan the titles of the close to 20 pieces I have done featuring the work of Frisky Frolic, it is clear holidays are an important theme within his imagery. Photographer JayBee's love of the colorful and celebratory is a perfect fit for my own passion for visually honoring holidays on FH.  It was appropriate, that it was a search on Flickr in October of 2012 that first drew me to Frisky Frolics work.

Thinking up themes to feature on the blog has led to some interesting searches, but this October, my search was for 'Naked Ghosts' for an upcoming Halloween piece that I was writing. This search led me to JayBee's work and my piece on sexy historical ghosts changed (thankfully) to my first piece featuring JayBee's work, The Phantom Phallus. I feel lucky to stumbled upon FF's page, and am thankful for how generous and supportive JayBee has been ever since.

Frisky Frolic on FH:

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