Sunday, March 30, 2014

It's Not The Same by Anthony Triolo

'Life goes on it's true, but it's not the same, not the same without you'

There are of course a lot of songs about great love. There are a lot of songs about the pain of a lost love. There are not a lot of songs written about a love which never really got a chance to begin. Singer Anthony Triolo's new song 'It's Not The Same' takes a look at dealing with a love that ends suddenly before it really had a chance to grow. There is an original ballad version, as well as a radio edit on SoundCloud, the radio edit incorporate the original piano arrangement with additional instrumentation that builds the track from a ballad to a dance track.

'The song is about a relationship that ends before you feel that you have fully given it a shot and when all of your feelings are all over the place and unclear what you do know is that 'it's just not the same.'

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