Thursday, March 27, 2014

He Should Be Dancing!

I haven't watch any of the latest edition of DWTS, but Canadian hockey player Sean Avery had me wanting to check it out. As a hockey fan I have been aware of Sean for awhile, especially his support, vocal and otherwise, about gay marriage and gay rights in general. Outspoken on many issues, Avery has often been under fire for his post game comments, but when it comes to marriage equity, he was one of the first, and loudest, professional hockey players to be making noise about the issue.

Sean is an interesting athlete for many reasons. Controversial yes, but also a cool blend of cocky masculinity along with a keen interest in style and fashion. A former model, Avery also served as a guest editor for Vogue Magazine and guest judged for Project Runway. He also seems to be good friends with Bravo's Andy Cohen and there are tons of images on the net of them hanging out together. I also think Sean is incredibly hot and thanks to Youtube, I got to see his two dances before he got the boot this past week. His movements are a bit jerky, but also sexy with a lot of rhythm. I think if he had stayed he would have given us some great future performance.

Two images below by Terry Richardson


Bobby F. said...

I was disappointed he got the boot, too. He is so awesome.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know any of that stuff about him. I would have enjoyed him much more on the show if I had known all this about him. Billy Dee really should have gone home before him.