Thursday, March 29, 2018

Good Friday: Hansel Wellington by Lights On Studio

The modest Rose puts forth a thorn:
The humble Sheep, a threat'ning horn:
While the Lily white, shall in Love delight,
Nor a thorn nor a threat stain her beauty bright.
William Blake

Regular FH readers know how much I love holiday images. I am sure that many look forward to (and many dread) my sexy Santa's, naked Ghosts and r-rated rabbits. Almost all holiday's weave in a sense of fun any play. Even deeply religious holidays like Christmas and Easter have a celebration at their core. One holiday however, always proves to be a challenge... You just don't see many images of the naked male forum shot to symbolize Good Friday.

Good Friday mark's the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ, a holiday I observe and respect.  Not a holiday easily lent to erotically creative imagery, at least not one's I would most likely want to feature.  But... I do believe the glory of the human form is a natural, God given beauty, one that can be celebrated any time and on any day. As much as Good Friday is about Christ's death, it was as importantly, about his Passion.

Photographer Tom Nakielski from Lights On Studio found what I believe is a respectful, and passionate way to help commemorate the day. Tom has been a great source of holiday imagery, helping FH celebrate a Valentines, a July 4th and a few December 25th's. The Passionately provocative Hansel Wellington has been a part of several of these holiday themed shoots, and love what he and Tom created for Good Friday. Although Tom incorporated and egg or two, his focus, in addition to Hansel of course, was the Easter lily, the symbol of purity, hope, innocence and peace. Now I couldn't swear on a bible about Hansel's innocence or purity, he does fill me with both peace, and passionate hope.

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