Friday, June 30, 2017

Oh Manada!

Tyler by Dylan Nadwodny

Over the last ten years FH has covered some of Canada's hottest and most talented men. From the many Canadian photographers and models, to the actors and athletes and reality contestants. I started to do a link list, but the list started to get incredibly long. My 12 Days of Christmas posts along had dozens of Canadian actors given so many of the Hallmark Holiday specials are filled BC on the West Coast to Nova Scotia on the East.

Instead, I went back to a favorite, NHL star Tyler Seguin. Although Tyler currently plays for The Dallas Stars, the Canadian born Seguin's passion for hockey began when playing in the minor hockey with the Whitby Wildcats of the Ontario Minor Hockey Association. I featured Tyler once before, after his appearance in ESPN's body issue a couple of years ago. (HERE:) I thought Overtime for Tyler was definitely in order!

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