Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Mischievous Innocence: Chris by msbimages

'When your in front of the lens of Michal Boothe, your more than just nude, you are actually seen.'

The quote above is from one of my early pieces featuring the work of Dallas photographer Michal Boothe from msbimages. It may seem a bit of a contradictory that a naked model might not want to be seen, but it's often the case. Many models, although exposed physically, are able to hide behind attitude, disappear within a character, or blend into an artists concept or theme.

Last month, when reintroducing Michal's work on the site, I threw out a couple of models that I hoped to feature, one of them was Chris. When you scroll down, you'll see a hot young body, a toned 19 year old physique with beautiful arms, great legs and stomach and penis.Now,FH certainly celebrates the male form, so you know how I love a great body, but almost all of the men Michal shoots have great bodies. I was drawn to Michal's work with Chris equally as much for the images above.

Michal's first three portraits are similar in framing and the part of the body captured. But each of the head shots captures three very different facets of Chris' personality. In the first image, Chris is serious, maybe looking just a little sad. In the second he's smiling. The smile is bright, but maybe... not completely happy. The third shot is my favorite, cheeky and fun. There is truth in each of the three images, but interestingly, maybe not to the same degree in each.

Michal shot Chris back in 2007 after seeing images of the new model shot by Mark Lynch. Chris arrived with a chaperone which Michal found added some obstacles to the process. Capturing the 'truth' a bit more difficult with a third person giving suggestions, and laying out boundaries during the shoot. In the end however, Michal was still pleased with some of the images from the shoot.

'There was a beautiful, but also mischievous innocence about his face I thought....
and he had such beautiful blue eyes..'

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what a great set of images.... very nice.