Monday, August 29, 2016

Howl: The Bad Wolf Rises

He who fears the wolf, should not go to the forest...

One of the most fascinating men that I interviewed last year was Tyler Dårlig Ulv.  (Solitary Creature) Tyler is visually, an incredibly sexy man.  But spend a little time on his website or his twitter, and you instantly feel his sexual appeal is far more layered than just what's seen on the surface.

Tyler is a bit of a renaissance man, utilizing his many attributes and talents within his work as a model, artist, writer and promoter.  Tyler's skill with promotion is beautifully evident in his ability to create an addictive aura of desirability around everything he does.

One of the things Tyler does so well is keep an audiences attention with his sites and social media pages.  Since first featuring his work last year, I have returned regurlarly to Tyler's Twitter, Instagram and tumblr.  I especially loved reading the entries and articles on his blog.

Much has happened in Tyler's life since that first article last summer and one of the side effects Tyler taking down his main site for a time.   As of this week however, Tyler's site is back up and running, with an all new look and many new images in his gallery.  Tyler graciously sent on a few images he hasn't published yet for me to share on FH.   If you haven't checked out the updates, all you just need to do is click HERE:

Tyler Dårlig Ulv on FH:


tyler said...

You're far too kind, Tye. Thank you, thank you. 😊

Gina Unger said...

His take on life and sex is always interesting and intelligent. Plus he has gorgeous hair 😁.