Monday, August 29, 2016


Yesterday I posted images from the first episode of the UK reality show, 'Naked Attraction.' I thought it might be a one off post, but that was until I watched some more. Episode two features the scrumptiously delicious Jame. (on right below).

Jamie has a great smile,a great body and a great stance. I also loved that Jamie's nerves kept him moving and bouncing around, most of the time on the show.  I won't spoil (entirely) the episode, but from the pics I have included, Jamie makes the final 2.



Michael Shinafelt said...

I'm with you Jamie is completely yummy! BTW - I saw his episode and many others on YouTube today, I am hooked!

TyeBriggs said...

Michael, glad you found it! Just finished the 5th episode, the guy choosing was adorable, both clothed and de-clothed!