Wednesday, August 31, 2016

From Sunset Beach to Seattle Grace

I have not really watched Grey's Anatomy in a couple of seasons.  Once my favorite television drama, the show for me went over board with it's plane crashes, mass shootings and other season ending catastrophes.   I have however, not been able to delete from my DVR.

Shonda Rhimes does write beautiful characters, and I am still invested in finding out, even without watching, what's going on with Meredith, Richard, Bailey and especially Alex.    I have almost zero interest in the newer characters, but the original cast of characters were a group of fully rounded and interesting group of characters.

One exception has been Ben.  Maybe it's because he's paired with Bailey.  Maybe it's because the writers didn't thrust him on us. (like Meredith's many sisters...)  Maybe it's because actor Jason George is incredibly talented, and incredibly sexy!

Last week I breezed through a couple of episodes prior to deleting them from my DVR.  I stopped and paid attention to a two part episode focused on George's Ben.  It was great to see George be able to shine and show is acting chops beyond the odd quip with Chandra Wilson in the Seattle Grace hallways.

A little research on George let me know what a busy actor he's been.  I don't watch Mistresses, but found out George juggles roles on both an ABC fall, and an ABC summer series.  George has been in a ton of television series, including early roles on the prime time sudser Titans, and the day time sudser Sunset Beach.

I never saw any of the 90's soap opera, but I remembered it being a vehicle for Aaron Spelling to give another child a role on television.  Tori had 90210, and Randy was given the lead on Sunset Beach.   Aaron wisely surrounded his son with actors like George as well other soap hunks ranging from Eddie Cibrian, Hank Cheyne and Gordon Thompson.

I remember using the image below to help celebrate the birthday's in posts featuring Cheyne, Timothy Adams and Dax Griffin, but didn't connect until now that the forth naked actor was Jason George.
The images is sort G rated as far as nudity is concerned, but I think we all still would have enjoyed being an observer on the shoot!

Below: Timothy Adams, Jason, Dax Griffin and Hank Cheyne

Thankfully, given George was on a soap, and the soap was based at the beach, there were plenty of hot shirtless photos when I went a-googling.  George looks as hot, or maybe even hotter, than he did when baywatching it down the beach and he has me thinking I just might just check out the season premiere of Greys, something I haven't done in a few years.

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