Thursday, September 10, 2015

Creek by AANE Photography & THOM Graphophoton

I was fortunate earlier this year to have found the work of Mike from AANE Photography and his partner and editor THOM Graphophoton. Since February, I have loved featuring their work with Kyros, Matt and B-Rad. (HERE:) I think what I love so much about Mike's work as a photographer is the honesty and raw and unfiltered sexuality which permeates through his imagery. This is definitely the case within their phenomenal new book CREEK.

'Seven young men take a break from the summer heat to skinny dip in a creek. Over 192 images in full color with full frontal nudity.'

CREEK runs close to 200 pages of beautiful images of 7 men swimming, relaxing and playing in and around the Creek. I think Creek is my favorite work from from Mike thus far, and I was especially enthralled by Rick, the model featured in the last quarter of the book. Taken this past summer, Mike was given the opportunity to work at the creek by Bill D from Gym Image. Mike had three of his images accepted into this years 9th annual Naked In New Hope exhibit. Beginning this weekend at the Sidetracks Art Gallery in New Hope Pennsylvania, if you're in the area the exhibit runs September 12th through October 31st. Check out more at the official website HERE:

'The creek shoot wasn't without a few close calls.... The location we chose to do Rick's shoot had a direct line of site to a house on a hill. Rick had to stealthily move beneath the rocks when naked to avoid being seen. As we were preparing to shoot Ethan and Nero, a large family wandered our way. We sat there for about half an hour, skipping stones and sitting about in a very nonchalant manner. Once the family passed, off came their speedos and we were in business. During Dylan's shoot, a woman came down from the house on the hill and stood and stared directly at us. I told Dylan to hide quick or put on a swimsuit, but he nonchalantly shrugged his shoulders and kept working. The woman turned and went back into the house. I was terrified at any moment we would be hauled off.'

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