Saturday, March 7, 2015

Size Matters: B-Rad by AANE Photography

Last month FH readers were introduced to photographer Mike (AANE Photography) and his work with B-Rad. (A Meeting In St. Louis) I focused that piece on some of my favorite of Mike's images of B-Rad, especially the ones featuring the 30 year old model wearing pretty much nothing but his winter hat. I mentioned that Mike had sent on a ton of images from their St. Louis shoot, and overwhelming amount in fact.

I promised to share a few more so here are another set of images from the St. Louis shoot that grabbed my attention. Maybe it is because my mind tends to create story when I spend time with a particular shoot, so to me, this series is just another chapter from Mike's work with B-Rad. Given it is a follow-up, consider it an wet and steamy addendum.

As I mentioned in the first piece, one of Mike's challenges in shooting B-Rad was his model's size. At 6'5", Mike spent quite a bit of the shoot balancing himself on a coffee table in order to be able to get shots of B-Rad at eye level. This proved particularly challenging while shooting in the hotel's small bathroom.

'His height also made shooting in the shower a challenge. He nearly touched the ceiling with his head, and the tee shirt I give him to wear didn't cover him completely. When he stood at the sink, he wasn't covered at all by the counter.'

Although the lack of complete coverage may have made things a challenge, I don't think they impacted the final visuals, in fact they, and the stories Mike shared only enhance them. I love that some of these shots, especially a couple of the ones at the beginning, visually take us through the process of the shoot and not just the finished, edited images. Thanks to B-Rad, and especially Mike, for taking us along for the ride.

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